Victor Vucetich responded to the rumor that Chivas ruled him out because of his age


Victor Manuel Vucetich was one of the names that emerged in the possible search for a replacement for Luis Fernando Tena in case he did not continue to lead the Flock.

However, both the board and Ricardo Pelaez, brand new sports director of the institution, discarded him – supposedly – because of his age (64 years).

The coach of the White Roosters referred to the issue in his press conference after the triumph of the Flock 3-2.

"The issue of age is something that makes no sense. All CEOs who run large companies are over 60 years old."he expressed.

"Even the people who have the responsibility in the press, the majority are older people: Jose Ramon Fernandez, (Joaquin) Lopez Doriga (…) Capacity has nothing to do with age; what must always be qualified is the ability, it is silly to qualify for the birth certificate "he sentenced.

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