Victories for 'El Maestro' Ojeda, ‘El Zurdo de Oro’ Gonzalez and ‘Moncho’ Lebron in Juncos


Puerto Rican Boxers King ‘The Master’ Ojeda (19-0, 8KO’s), Orlando ‘The Golden Lefty’ Gonzalez (13-0, 9KO’s) and Henry ‘Moncho’ Lebron (11-0, 9KO’s) came out as triumphant this Saturday from the commitments they had as part of the ‘DIRECTV Champions Night’ billboard, held at Rafael G. Amalbert Coliseum in Juncos.

Ojeda, who returned to the ensnared after four years of absence, won an important victory by unanimous decision against the Argentine boxer, Emiliano ‘Pac Man’ Garcia (16-5-1, 13KO’s), in the stellar combat. The judges scored 78-73, 79-72 and 78-73.
The fight was a very active one since the initial bell, where Ojeda was warming up as the minutes passed. In the fifth episode, Garcia visited the canvas product of a right hook to the left side.

"I started a little anxious, but I think it's normal after so much idle time", Ojeda mentioned in written statements.
“We began to warm up little by little, until we fell in rhythm. We knew how awkward Garcia is, but we prepared for that. When I was feeling comfortable in the fight, I felt a little discomfort in my right shoulder that limited me to being able to continue effectively using that hand that was entering the body well. We managed to make adjustments to dominate and take the victory. ”
They knock cousins
In the semi-stellar clash, Gonzalez managed to connect a powerful right hook to the jaw of Colombian Marlon Olea (14-6, 12KO’s), claiming an impressive knockout victory in the first round.
For his part, Lebron imposed his power against the Argentine Ezequiel Tevez (13-5, 4KO’s). The knockout came in the third episode, when the athlete connected a strong left hook to the soft areas, which forced the Argentine to listen to the count of ten from the canvas.
Other fights
In an exciting bell-to-bell clash, Ellionil ‘The Answer’ Colon (4-0, 2KO’s) scored a unanimous decision victory over veteran Luis Diaz. The scores were 60-54, 59-55 and 60-54.
Meanwhile, Edgardo ‘Gardy’ Rolon (4-0, 2KO’s) gave Kelvin ‘The Ghost’ Floyd (3-4, 1KO) a knockout knockout in the first round. Rolon took advantage of a carelessness in Floyd's guard, connecting a devastating left hook to the jaw, which automatically ended the encounter.

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