VIDEO: Arrest of Hispanic churros seller in the Subway causes outrage in New York


A woman of Hispanic origin selling churros at a Broadway Junction subway station in Brooklyn was handcuffed for a few moments by elements of the New York Police Department (NYPD).

An element spoke in Spanish with the woman and recriminates her for being selling, but in the middle of the crying, she tries to justify her action, noting that she was only "going to give" someone her merchandise.

Four police officers, one of them in civilian clothes, try to take the merchandise from the defenseless woman and stop her, a moment captured on video by Sofia Newman, an MTA user who posted the moment on Twitter, unleashing responses from representatives and a justification from the NYPD, after criticism of the police elements.

The arrest would have occurred on Saturday afternoon.

"Tonight, when I was leaving Broadway Junction Station, I saw three or four police officers (one of them was a civilian-dressed cop or someone who worked at the station) around a woman with her churros cart that was crying. Apparently, it is illegal to sell food inside the train stations, ”Newman wrote.

In a second video, Newman documents that the Hispanic woman is handcuffed while the officers take her merchandise.

“They told him that he could give them his churros cart and receive a fine (one he probably couldn't have paid), or that they would take his cart and arrest her”, as he heard.

Newman questions the police, who ask him to retire.

"She kept trying to talk to one of the policemen in Spanish, but the plainclothes policeman kept rolling his eyes and saying things like‘ Are you done? ’And‘ I know you can speak English. " Finally, they handcuffed her and dragged her without preamble, ”Newman demanded.

Newman posted more messages criticizing the actions of police officers, who finally released the woman.

"No matter what the law says, there is no reason why so many officers need to surround, degrade and monitor the poverty of that woman of color," Newman wrote.

The comptroller of the city, Scott stringer, condemned the police.

"This type of law enforcement that makes anyone safer," he tweeted on Saturday. "Another incident that raises serious questions about the increase in police presence in our meters."

Eliza Orlins, public defender of the city, criticized the facts.

“Try telling me that you really believe that these cops are making our city safer. This is heartbreaking. We cannot allow this to continue, ”he said.

According The New York Post, a NYPD spokeswoman said the saleswoman "refused to cooperate" and has a history of illegally operating her churro cart.

“This person received 10 citations in the last five months for sales without a license at the same station”, according to the spokeswoman Sophia Mason.

In its Section 1050.6, the MTA prohibits the sale of unauthorized products.

"No person, unless duly authorized by the Authority, shall carry out commercial activities in any installation or means of transport", indicates. "Commercial activities include … advertising, display, sale, lease, offer of sale or lease, or distribution of food, goods, services or entertainment (including free distribution of goods or promotional materials)."

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