Vienna: Riddle about fire in Nordbahnhalle


Because with the beginning of the demolition work not only electricity and water were turned off, he says. After minor acts of vandalism in recent weeks, the hall was also secured; Doors and windows were boarded up with wooden boards.

"The entry into the hall is complex, without tools you would not come in", is Kleinsasser convinced.

Fire broke out in the hall

However, the fire should have started exactly there – inside. "Basically, we assume that the fire broke out in the hall," says fire department spokesman insult, Anyone who benefits from the fire in the hall can Kleinsasser also do not say.

The fact is that the Northern Railway Hall has been the venue for the past two years. Exhibitions, cultural events and concerts took place there.

Possibly this temporary use had a project under the guidance of the TU Vienna made. However, this year the contract expired – and the hall was sold to the owner, the OBB, returned.

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