Villas-Boas: "The fans made the difference" – Interview


This is the reference match of the OM?Andre Villas-Boas: "It's a pity we must always suffer! We were so in control of the game at the end of the first half that I thought the guys were going to put the 3rd goal to be quiet, but it's still like that. It was a great win, we played well even when we were at 10. The efforts were good, the atmosphere was good, it's an important day for everyone, we show that we can beat a Direct rival and play good football.I hope it will continue.The problem now is that we will have to make inventions again in the next match in Toulouse to find an eleven.Alvaro will miss, Duje and Amavi So, it's still like this year, but hey, we have one night to enjoy.The international truce will be a joy for everyone, it's good to have won this game today. "

What was your game plan tonight?

AVB: "With the uncertainty of the game system in Lyon, we focused on us and not too much on the opponent.We put Max and Dim on the sides to be closer to Dario and seek this space between the lines that They did well on this match, Max did an amazing match and all the guys too, Payet, Rongier, Sanson, Kamara … We had big individual performances, they played well in football today. they felt good, they were good, they defended well too. "

After a perfect half-time, how do you explain the team diving in the second half?AVB: "No, I do not think so because we started the second half as well The problem is when you think you control the game and you take a goal on nothing … I spoke with Alvaro, he thought I heard Mandanda tell him to leave the ball when he told him to clear the ball … It's a lack of understanding that has already cost us a goal in Paris It's a shame because we controlled the match. "We have done everything right today, even at ten against 11. It's a no-fault match, really."

Payet radiated tonight …AVB: "Yes, he was very motivated, he had a great game, I hope it will continue, and he is starting to get better and better off the axis from the left side with his dribbling ability, Today we made two goals, he worked the penalties well this week, and this is an important day for him. "

There are axes to work with this match?

AVB: "I hope but the problem is that it will still be DIY in Toulouse, I hope that Alvaro will only take one match and one stay, the match of Toulouse becomes very important for us. , Brest, Nîmes, Metz, Bordeaux … teams that we can win.This may give us a chance to get to Christmas in good position.But for that we must have an eleven available.On this match, everything was Perfect in every way. "The pressure around this match has become positive for your team?

AVB: "We had an incredible desire to win this game, and at the end in the box we felt that, we talked about this match, we said that the team is well placed and organized, I think it paid off in the first half and in the second half with the attitude, we felt in the group an incredible desire, we were 10th before this match, we find ourselves at the 2nd place, it was very important to win for the ranking and I hope we will now win a series of victories.

You were surprised at the release of Queen Adelaide?

AVB: "We talked about him at half-time, but I do not know if anything happened or if he was hurt, only Rudi can answer that."

He was not hurt …

AVB: "It's an option, but it's true that it was difficult for us to control him in the first half – the coach had another idea, that's not my problem."

What did you think of tifo?

AVB: "It's unbelievable, we've beaten the attendance record, it's important for the club's history, the fans made the difference because they supported us when we were ten, they created this atmosphere of pressure that is always difficult to play (for the opponents) ".

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