Villingen-Schwenningen: Whiskey lovers make a pilgrimage to VS – Villingen-Schwenningen


Lots of alcohol, but "Schnapsleichen" are not found at the Riegger whiskey fair. This is partly due to the many glasses of mineral water, which are served free of charge between the tastings, but primarily to the visitors themselves, who put the enjoyment in the foreground and know exactly when it is enough. Finally, the music of the Caverhill Guardians from the Hardt with their "Pipes & Drums", a good cigar in the sitting areas of the Bugge Lounge in front of the Neue Tonhalle, a hand-brewed coffee, English snacks or chocolate from the Genusswerkstatt were to be perceived. From there comes the "Sweet Angel Creme", a joint creation by Oliver Bittlingmaier and Uwe Lauinger consisting of whiskey, cream and white chocolate.

45 members of the founded in 2013 Whiskey Black Forest were on site, dispensed cents of whiskey Scotch, Irish, Single Malt and Blend to Bourbon and Rye and advised a relaxed and cheerful audience. At the booth of the "Riegger's Selection" there was something interesting for the tongue and the taste buds: How does a whiskey taste out of a 500-liter barrel and how does it taste from a bottle that only holds 40 liters? In the smaller barrel, explains Uwe Lauinger, after six years the single malt tastes like a 60-year-old whiskey. "It's exciting to discover the different nuances," says the expert. The whiskey tastings, which were carried out during the fair on the conference floor of the Neue Tonhalle as well as in the former Riegger wine bar on Niedere Strabe, were also booked out.

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