Viral YouTube: the black eye, what happened to Franco Armani of River Plate? Argentina


There are few days left until the end of the Copa Libertadores and all the players of ‘Millo’ want to be in optimal conditions for the duel in the Monumental de Ate against Flamengo. One of the players who delivers the whole for the whole is Franco Armani, who came out as the starting goalkeeper – with the black eye – in the duel against Rosario Central.

How do you find yourself covering up in these conditions? Well, after the medical review by the doctors of River Plate, it was considered that the goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team could see normally to get under the three sticks of the 'Millo' arc and not generate reactions in Brazil for the duel of the final

How did Franco Armani have a black eye?

In practice last Friday, in a tactical play, Franco Armani collided with ‘Nacho’ Fernandez, which caused the hit of the goalkeeper. Everything was there, because it was not a "bad milk" action. Everything is soccer, boys.

After match against Rosario CentralRiver Plate will be on Thursday at the Monumental against Home Students for the Argentine Cup.

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