Volkswagen: Start of pre-production of electric vehicles in China


© Volkswagen China / Stat of pre-production in CHina
© Volkswagen China / Stat of pre-production in CHina

Start of pre-production at the factory of SAIC VOLKSWAGEN immediately after the worldwide start of the ID.301 production in Zwickau shows the great importance of the Chinese market

The new plant of the SAIC VOLKSWAGEN joint venture in Anting has been completed. It was built exclusively for the production of all-electric vehicles based on the Modular Electric Drive Modular System (MEB). As part of the pre-production celebration, a Volkswagen ID geared towards the Chinese market was on the agenda. Model as the first vehicle from the band. The plant sets the next milestone in Volkswagen's global electrification strategy. In October 2020, the start of series production of fully electric vehicles based on the MEB platform in Anting is planned.

"The Volkswagen Group has a total volume of 22 million electric vehicles worldwide by 2028, of which more than 50 percent are from China. The country is playing a key role in our electrification strategy, which paves the way for Volkswagen's goal of being CO2-neutral by 2050, "Dr. Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen AG. "

Dr. Stephan WOllenstein, CEO of Volkswagen Group China, added: "In just 12 months, the innovative plant was completed. Congratulations to our colleagues in Anting, who are now continuing on the production of the first China model of the Volkswagen ID. Prepare family here in Shanghai. We will accelerate our e-mobility drive in China as we expect the electric mobility market to continue to grow. "

Pre-production starts just days after the start of the world's first ID. Production in Zwickau. Series production at the new Anting plant is scheduled to begin in October 2020 with an annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles. In the e-mobility strategy of Volkswagen Group China, MEB production plays a key role in becoming a provider of sustainable mobility solutions. Concurrently with the plant in Anting is planned the production of ID. Take up models in another FAW-Volkswagen factory in Foshan, resulting in a total capacity of 600,000 units per year.

The first phase of pre-production in Anting begins with an ID designed specifically for the Chinese market. Model of the Volkswagen brand. In the future, it is planned to manufacture all-electric models on the MEB platform for various brands of the Volkswagen Group. In total, it is planned to increase local production in China to 15 MEB models of various brands by 2025.

The smart and digitized plant in Anting is a pioneer in environmentally friendly and intelligent factory technologies for the Volkswagen Group China and the entire Chinese automotive industry. Land use has been greatly improved, meaning that much less land and built-up area is needed compared to a standard factory. In terms of flexibility, the new MEB plant in China sets special standards, since six different vehicle projects can be manufactured simultaneously.

As a platform designed specifically for the mass production of electric vehicles, the Modular E-Drive Modular System enables the design of vehicles with a longer wheelbase and a more spacious interior. In addition, MEB-based models will seamlessly fit into the digital and smart everyday world with the latest infotainment systems and connectivity features.

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