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Nutrition Minister Julia KlOckner (CDU) relies on further commitments
Food industries to use less sugar, fat and salt in
Finished products to come. Almost a year after that Decision of a
"Reduction Strategy" in the Federal Cabinet
There are eight volunteers
Agreements with associations. Others are
currently in progress, the ministry said. As a result, manufacturers undertake to do so by 2025
to gradually change recipes. The Greens insist
to research possible health effects of sugar substitutes.

Most of time
 is the previous agreement for less sugar. So shall in
Breakfast cereals for children a reduction of at least 20 percent
 be achieved in sweetened dairy for children by 15 percent.
A sugar minus of 15 percent also said two associations for
Soft drinks like sodas or coke too, as well as the
Fruit juice industry for fruit drinks with added sugar. The
According to the ministry, percentages refer to the
Average of the assortment.

Frozen pizzas are about
less salt. The aim is to increase the average salary over the
entire pizza range by the end of 2025 to 1.25 grams per 100 grams too
as the industry association agreement there
The salt content varies depending on the variety and topping: In a salami pizza
For example, it can currently be 1.5 grams of salt, at one
Tuna pizza 1.2 grams.

The Federal Government had the of
KlOckner's "National Reduction and Innovation Strategy" in the
December 2018 decided. The implementation started with the beginning of this
Year. The goal is to contribute to a healthier diet. In
According to the Ministry, 47 percent of women in Germany, 62 percent
of the men and 15 percent of the children as overweight. Too much sugar,
Fat and salt also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease
and diabetes.

Two other agreements say reductions
too, but without quantified goals. That's what the bakery trade wants
Education for a "meaningful and moderate handling of salt as an ingredient"
advertise. This is especially aimed at "salt spikes", so breads with special
high salt content. The Federal Association of the German food trade
formulates the goal of adding sugar, salt and / or fat content
Lower own brands of retail chains. "Concrete Targets" for
Nutrient content and about the product range and the time horizon
should specify the participating companies independently. The association
also refers to ongoing reductions in large
Supermarket chains.

First balance sheet is expected in March 2020

From consumer advocates and medics comes
Criticism of "lax" goals and the approach of the minister on
voluntary basis. They have long been calling for stronger countermeasures
also with advertising restrictions or extra taxes. KlOckner wants against it
consciously rely on self-commitments and not on rigid
legal measures and "standard recipes". For the target agreements
with the industries involved: "Everyone has to deliver, and everyone will
deliver, "she said after the Cabinet decision.

 Recipes should be gradually changed so that it at
habitual taste for consumers does not lead to abrupt changes
gives. Progress on reductions by 2025 should be regular
to be watched. A first balance sheet should be available in March 2020, such as
the ministry responded to a small request from the Greens. Therefore
The state-owned Max Rubner Institute (MRI) is currently collecting data, which is still up
 to last until December. Starting point is data as of 2016. The
MRI often has a database of energy and nutrient content of 12,500
purchased and ready-made products. In addition, 2018 was the
Sugar content of 1,750 soft drinks registered.

The green in the Bundestag, further scientific clarifications call for. "At the
 There is considerable concern about the safety of sugar substitutes
Pent-up demand for research in Germany, "said
Nutrition expert Renate Kunast. "That has to change, and
Although fast. "As long as it must be in conversions of recipes the
The ultimate goal is not to sugar by possibly harmful substances too
replace. Kunast pointed out that studies in other countries to
The result would be that, for example, the substance isoglucose is suspected,
Diseases such as diabetes favor.

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