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The elected president of the EC disagrees with Macron about NATO, which will be “whatever your partners want”

Javier Alonso – Saturday, November 9, 2019 – Updated at 06: 01h.

Berlin – The elected president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, yesterday called for "courage" on Friday to Europeans, who went from Berlin to explain the challenges facing the European Union, and took the opportunity to praise the role NATO history as "protective umbrella" of the continent.

In its Europe Address, delivered near the Brandenburg Gate on the eve of the commemoration of the thirty anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, conservative German politics praised that NATO contribution "to freedom and security" of the continent . They contrasted his words with criticisms of the "brain death" that the French president, Emmanuel Macron, diagnosed on Thursday. In his speech, Von der Leyen explained that NATO will be “whatever its partners want it to be,” but defended its validity and function.

Von der Leyen's speech, intended as a compendium of programmatic lines of what will be his performance as leader of the European Commission, included allusions to the values ​​of the EU, the example that has been for the world in various areas and the pride that should Represent for Europeans.

He told them that Brexit, the decided exit of the EU by the citizens of the United Kingdom, before a misfortune is an opportunity.

He said that Brexit has had a “paradoxical” consequence, which consists in having made the European Union “stronger”, which assumes without the United Kingdom “a consolidated common position”. He added that the decision of that country to leave the EU has not caused "the beginning of a process of destruction of the European Union, on the contrary."

“Just as we are different, in the Brexit negotiations the 27 EU countries are united. Without cynicism, without malice, a common consolidated position, ”said Von der Leyen. “We all regret that our British friends want to leave the EU. But the Brexit experience has highlighted many who doubt the EU, ”he added. References to the climate crisis and the challenge it poses were also a major part of its intervention.

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