VS-Pfaffenweiler: Farmers reject electricity from the field


On Saturday, the Pfaffenweiler Ortschaftsrat met at the Spitalhfen to form an opinion on site. In addition to Mayor Martin Straacker, eight out of ten local councils, as well as Armin Schott, head of the city planning office and the investor's project manager, Uwe Ilgemann, were present. For more than an hour, the committee learned about the facts of the proposed facility and talked to Armin Schott about all known counterarguments.

The rough outlines and heights of the plant were staked out on the wide field. On aerial photos, everything could be compared with the situation on the ground.

Project leader Uwe Ilgemann (4th from the right on the right) explains to the local councilors of Pfaffenweiler the details of the planned photovoltaic system at the hospital courtyards.

Project Manager Uwe Ilgemann (4th from the right on the right) explains the details of the planned photovoltaic system at the hospital hatches to the local authorities of Pfaffenweiler.
| Picture: Hans-Juergen Goetz

Meanwhile, at the invitation of Frank Rosenfelder on the street outside his farm, several local farmers met to express their protest against the site. Many participants of the site inspection then sought the conversation with the approximately 30 demonstrators. Under the motto "solar on the roof – not on fertile land", the farmers made their point clearly. "We are not against solar systems. We are opposed to using up valuable agricultural land, "explains Rosenfelder, who himself runs a small solar plant on the flat roof of his farm building. In his opinion, there are far fewer fertile areas that could be used. With more areas on the roofs of industrial buildings and built-up parking lots he calls further possibilities. "We farmers are under increasing cost pressure and at the same time we are taking away more and more areas," says Rosenfelder.

Rosenfelder desires from the city council and local council a land use plan so that such facilities are not simply "waved through". Farmer Jochen Hauser is also planning a photovoltaic system on his property in VS-Zollhaus. He criticizes the award to a foreign investor and argues that in such large projects on local forces in the form of Brger cooperatives to set. At the next meeting, the Ortschaftsrat wants to decide on the project.

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That might interest you, too

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