VW ID. Space Vizzion: An e-car with 590 km range


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VW ID. Space Vizzion © Volkswagen AG

New Stromer. The 7th member of the VW ID family, the ID. Space Vizzion, which will be presented in just a few days, should reach a range of up to 590 kilometers.

Volkswagen has just brought the VW ID.3, the first model of the ID family, on the market, now the local developers are already working on the seventh. This is named VW ID. Space Vizzion and will be presented on 19. 11. 2019 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The ID. Space Vizzion is to connect the aerodynamic properties of a Gran Turismo with the generous space of an SUV according to the manufacturer and completely emission-free. Put simply, the ID. Space Vizzion a purely electrically powered station wagon, comparable in size to the VW Passat.

The VW ID family

As already mentioned, the VW ID is. Space Vizzion not the first electric car from Volkswagen, quite the contrary. He is already the seventh member of the ID family. And of course, the VW ID.3 is not the first electric car of the German manufacturer, because VW already offered before the VW e-Golf and the VW e-up! at.

Which cars belong to the ID family? This question is easily answered. However, at the moment only one of the following electric cars is available, namely the ID.3.

The VW ID family includes:

  • The VW ID.3
  • The VW ID. Crozz
  • The VW ID. Vizzion
  • The VW ID. Buzz
  • The VW ID. Roomzz
  • And as the newest member now so the VW ID. Space Vizzion

More information about the ID models. Crozz, ID. Vizzion and ID. Buzz can be found here. More information about the ID. Roomzz is here.

Reach and market launch

The new VW ID. According to Volkswagen, Space Vizzion is expected to reach a range of up to 590 kilometers (WLTP), which is a pretty good value compared to other modern electric cars. This is to be achieved on the one hand with good aerodynamic properties of the Kombi-Stromers – similar to those of a Gran Tourismo, so long-distance athlete.

In addition, the qualities of the group's own platform "modular E-drive kit" (MEB) in the new models of the ID series shine, so VW design chief Klaus Bischoff: The Space Vizzion create a completely new, purely electric segment in the VW product range.

The most exciting information – such as details about the battery and engine performance – does not tell Volkswagen yet. That could change at the earliest, when the Space Vizzion is presented as a study in a week at the auto show in Los Angeles. However, the new VW Stromer is not expected to be mass produced until autumn 2021.

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