Waiting for the kings of Spain in Cuba


This Monday takes place the first state visit of the kings of Spain to Cuba, in the context of the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Havana. This trip is a pending issue for almost 40 years, and finally the kings Felipe and Letizia star with Pedro Sanchez as acting president and the day after the general elections.

With the resurgence of the economic and financial crisis, and the increase in repression of civil society, this visit could provide the regime with an oxygen balloon after the reinforcement of the US embargo against Cuba.

On Tuesday, after a floral offering to Jose Marti and dinner with President Miguel Diaz-Canel, Felipe VI will deliver a speech on the historical relationship between the two countries.

On Wednesday, the Kings will tour the streets of Old Havana, and meet with the Spanish community, and Spanish businessmen with interests in the island.

The Kings will hold a meeting with personalities of Cuban society, but not with dissent. The Cuban opposition is concerned about the manipulation that the regime intends to make of the visit of the kings of Spain to the island.

Opponents, human rights activists, artists, independent journalists, and other members of civil society have signed their opposition to this visit on the change.org platform. They criticize that the initiative departs from the defense of democratic values.

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