"Want to change air" the decision of Cristiano Ronaldo, surprises


Juventus successfully beat the Moscow Locomotive 2-1 last Wednesday, but for Cristiano Ronaldo, that night is one of his personal frustrations. The Italian titans obtained a place in the knockout rounds of the competition. Ronaldo's dream was broken by his teammate and he saw his team win in the spectator's seat.

Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri He suspended the Talisman during the 82nd minute and was replaced by Paulo Dybala. The decision of the Juventus coach displeased Ronaldo considering a balanced result of 1-1. When the legendary footballer entered the band line, he went to the coach's side before talking to him.

While walking forward, Ronaldo turned and showed two fingers and reportedly said something must have bothered him. It was the first time Cristiano Ronaldo was replaced by Maurizio Sarri and the third time in his entire career in Juventus since he moved from Real Madrid in the summer of 2018. The Juventus coach, however, minimized the reports and ruled out any concept that CP7 is angry with him.

According to Sarri, Cristiano Ronaldo's frustration was due to his knee and adductor problem. The Italian coach explained that Ronaldo was not well and that he has been suffering for a few days of knee and adductor, which has made him tire easily. The manager also revealed that the Talisman was nervous after the first part and when he saw his star make a move that did not seem good to him, he had to remove him from the field when he saw that he accelerated for fear of hurting himself.

While the ball was rolling on the line, Aaron Ramsay put it in the net. Cristiano Ronaldo smiled, but after the decision of the EUFA, it seemed that the goal was attributed to Ramsey and not him. Ramsey admitted that he had already apologized to Ronaldo, who claimed that his instinct had taken over the situation to make sure the ball crossed the line. All this only enlarges the rumors that the Portuguese is closer than far from abandoning Serie A, he himself has stated that "he needs to change his air" although he was referring to travel, but who knows, besides Florentino's door It is more than open. At the moment he has already left a message on Instagram for his current coach, more clues, impossible.

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