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FRANKFURT / MAIN – Lufthansa's flight attendant's 48-hour strike on Thursday is a legal war of nerves. The group announced Wednesday, immediately after its defeat in the first instance, to appeal to the State Labor Court.

This could be a second court hearing on Wednesday on the legality of the union Ufo strike. The Landesarbeitsgericht initially had not fixed an appointment.

Previously, the Frankfurt Labor Court had rejected in the first instance the company's urgent application against the strike. According to a cursory assessment, the collective agreements had been terminated correctly and the strike decision was valid, the chairman said.

No doubt about tariff ability

Attacks of the Lufthansa lawyers against the short-term changed labor rules of the union rejected the judge. Here it concerns internal regulations of the UFO without external effect. There are also no obvious doubts about the fairness, the Federal Labor Court of the UFO last confirmed in a judgment of 2014.

The union Vice Chairman Daniel Flohr said the participation in the scheduled for Wednesday evening crisis talks with Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr, as it was busy with the appointment. He appreciated the conversation, in which representatives of the Verdi and the Cabin Union, which was to be formed, should be part of the Lufthansa boss's "PR coup" anyway. A solution of the problems is not to be expected there.

In the court hearing, Lufthansa had offered the union immediate preliminary negotiations on tariff issues, but could only be finalized with the newly elected UFO board from 15.2.2020. The current board continues to reject as not authorized to represent, said the Lufthansa lawyer. Ufo, however, demanded immediate collective bargaining on par with the current board.

As a last resort to prevent the strike, Lufthansa could also call for conciliation, but this ultimately amounts to recognition of the Ufo board. The union would support this, said its spokesman Nicoley Baublies the German Press Agency.

Strike from midnight

The union has called the employees of the Lufthansa core company on a 48-hour strike, which is to begin on Thursday at 00.00 clock. Lufthansa wants to publish a special flight schedule for strike days Thursday and Friday this Wednesday. The company has already offered customers extensive and free rebooking options.

Ufo is calling for around 21,000 Lufthansa flight attendants to pay higher fees and allowances, as well as better access for seasonal workers to regular employment. However, the entire collective bargaining dispute mainly concerns the question raised by the Group as to whether Ufo can even enforce collective bargaining agreements for cabin crew.

At least threatened is also the extension to four other German airlines of the group including the Eurowings. There are separate tariff requirements for these airlines.

(sda / awp / dpa)

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