"We are not the best in LaLiga, but not the worst"


There were good feelings, but it was lost again.

The marker has left us without options, but we must analyze more. I think we have competed well, we have been able to reach the break with advantage, but when we are in this qualifying situation it seems that everything is coming to us. There was a very fair decision and the VAR has said it was not out of play. That has made us a dent and in the second part Atletico has been better than us, but we had that foul play where we were in the game and we could have tied, but in the end it has canceled it. It is difficult for quality to win other teams and less for Atletico, which has much more than us. In addition, Naldo has been injured very soon and has left us without freshness with that change. We thought that with the changes we could find more Melendo and Darder, but we have been precipitous. I keep that for many minutes we have been able to tie.

In the second part they were better.

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We are in a complex and difficult situation. We are penultimate and it costs us a world to rate. With the sensations you just don't live and we have to keep improving. I sincerely believe that it is being done, that we are being competitive and that it is the way to win. Decide the quality in the areas, we are able to arrive at times, but we have to have more quality in the area. In a match like today we have made few centers and only with one goal has not given us to score.

What did you think of the goal canceled?

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You can analyze it better than me. I think it won't help us anymore, I want to be critical of myself and what I can do to improve trying to do it. What does not have to do with me I think it would go against me and you can analyze and see, they are very close situations and normally a thin dog is all fleas and you during the week you can analyze. I want to analyze other things where I can favor the team to reach the areas and have options to generate opportunities.

Javi Lopez started from left back.

It would be very long to explain everything that goes through the head of a coach. I thought they were the most recommended sides and that Pedrosa's speed could appear in the second part, but Naldo's injury leaves you without a change. Their sides are sometimes extreme and we wanted to hold on a bit and then try to attack at speed with Pedrosa. They were looking a lot for Saul from above and to help Victor we changed the band to Javi who is more veteran.

Is the Getafe match a final?

I am convinced that the team can compete as it has already done in these matches and then we hope to have more success in the areas. Knowing how to take out the capacity that our players must have in theory and that comes from the confidence so that the best version of the players comes out and be able to win. It would be a hypothesis that does not go now. We want to improve and just like when I arrived in the other break we made a change, now we are going to try to work with what we have and that is my job, to get the most out of what we have.

How is Naldo?

You will surely have a fibrillar rupture and more tests will be done during the week.

Without winning, is it possible that trust comes?

We have no other. We are not better than LaLiga, but not the worst, I already tell you. The team sees that this is the way and step by step those players who have to take a step forward must be decisive.

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