"We are taken for idiots"


Xavier Bertrand does not share the government's choice to install professional immigration quotas. "I'm going to tell you texto what someone told me this week:" We really took for stupid ", he said Sunday at the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro. "We are in an operation of communication and propaganda. As if the quotas would fix everything … ", charged the former Minister of Labor.

"It's an idea that was put in place in 2008. I was in Nicolas Sarkozy's government and in 2011, I hardened the text because there were 30 trades that were open to this professional immigration. and we reduced them to 14. What's new? "the current president of the Hauts-de-France region questioned himself. In 2014, a report found that such quotas were ineffective.

The former member of the Republicans "does not want to give up training our job seekers." "Behind the issue of quotas, are we finally giving up training in today's available positions?" Said Xavier Bertrand, who believes that "further reduction" of immigration, including professional ones, is needed.

"Decisions are not enforced"

It also considers that the debate on quotas obscures the weak application of court decisions concerning the rejection of the right of asylum. "The problem in France is that those who have no title to stay in France do not leave. Decisions are not enforced in 90% of the cases, regretted the former minister, who also wants to toughen the conditions of eligibility for family reunification.

Xavier Bertrand also pleads to "relax the right of foreigners to allow us to enforce the decisions" of deportation to the border.

The presidential candidate makes the subjects a marker of differentiation with the head of state. He proposed that secularism should "have the same force and the same place as the three words of our republican motto" Liberty-Equality-Fraternity ". "I wish it to be a fourth pillar of our Republic, given a constitutional dimension," he said, resuming a proposal of the number 2 Republicans, Guillaume Peltier.

"France is not Islamophobic"

While a demonstration against Islamophobia is organized this Sunday, Xavier Bertrand believes that "France is not Islamophobic". "Those who say it are the promoters of this political Islam that questions the way in which, in France, we have been able to establish the place of religions in relation to politics". "Islamophobia is an Anglo-Saxon concept recovered by manipulators like the Muslim Brotherhood. After the emotion at the Bayonne mosque, if there had been a rally to say that it is unimaginable to attack France in places of worship, there would not have been the same debate ", continued the president of the region who denounces the organizers of the rally which bring "a questioning of the French laws – especially that on the veil". "There are of course Islamists who are at the origin of this march," insisted the former minister who makes political Islam his "opponent" promising to "fight permanently".

Xavier Bertrand, who will be received next week by the Minister of the Interior to discuss his opposition to the community lists, warned against "foreign influences" and felt that not to ban them would be "very dangerous". "It's now time to act," he said. "If we are not determined our children may grow up in a society that is increasingly split up where separatism will gain space and it will no longer be the same society," insisted the elected.

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