"We are the one who has the most enthusiasm but not the best Second team"


Madrid, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Alvaro Cervera, Cadiz coach, said Friday that the point added in Vallecas against Rayo is "good" and said, in allusion to his solid leadership, that they are the team that "most excited has but not the best of Second. "

The Cadiz achieved a valuable point in Vallecas against Rayo, another ascent to the ascent, and continues as leader with nine points of advantage over the second, the Huesca.

"The difference now is not real and there will be teams like Huesca or Rayo that will approach. We are the one who has the most enthusiasm, but not the best team in the Second," said Alvaro Cervera, at a press conference.

The Cadiz coach took the draw in Vallecas for good, which keeps him firm in the first place in the standings.

"It has been a good point because it is possible to draw here and it has been a minor evil for them, because we have had the best chances," he said.

"We controlled well in the first half and in the second, with the change of system, they were more dangerous and we allowed conductions. Then we were not able to put the second and take advantage of the spaces," he said.

Finally, Alvaro Cervera acknowledged that they have "many good things" and do "many good things", but also admitted that there are "others that are bad that are the ones that penalize us." EFE


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