"We had pain for them"


Well, Yann Elies, finally everything was played in the Doldrums?

Yann Elies The race gave birth to an incredible scenario in the Doldrums. Let's face it, even we did not believe it when we saw Charal come in with 100 miles in advance. We said "well they will see them again in Bahia, they will welcome us with a Caipirinha on the platform". Finally, it is we who will welcome them and with 250 miles in advance. This doldrums cost them 350 miles, which was not predictable (…) It's a pot luck (laughs)

Charlie Dalin : The door closed behind that lasted like that for 36 hours we saw the pot that was shifted south just behind us, we were really racing with the clouds trying to pass right before, it was pretty amazing.

Yann Elies: We thought of Charal, Jeremy and Christopher. They were doing a great race so far, they really were the masters. There was no picture. Maybe they will have an analysis other than ours, I think there is a bit of luck, but also that our positioning was better than theirs that was not good. But we had pain for them.

20, 50, 200 miles in advance?

What happened ?

C. D: It was an Eastern wave that played, it was not a classic doldrums with a lot of wind from east to north and absolutely no wind in its south. After, the wind returned to the West. It was not a simple situation. Everyone was the head on the handlebars, wearing for a while. It's never easy to make the right choices, to look deeply enough into the weather. We did not think they would be stuck for so long. We thought we were going to shorten the gap a little bit, then we said "maybe we'll leave at the same time as him". When we saw that we were going to leave again, we asked ourselves "how much? (Smile) That was the final question.

Y.E: 50, 100, 200 miles, we did not know at the end. We had a hard time rejoicing … but it's still fucking good (laughs). Otherwise, it's a great pleasure to win with Charlie. The last time we had 3es after a nice race. A third win in the Jacques Vabre for me, I also won 3 solitaires du Figaro. This is a figure that I like. It's the job of a team especially. The boat is three months old what!

C. D: The first navigation was on August 11th. It's November 10th. We managed to cross the Atlantic, the boat arrived in Salvador at 100%. This is a remarkable technical performance, it must be emphasized. All this is thanks to a great team. They are all here, it's thanks to them, their involvement.

Y.E: It was a sprint when I arrived on August 5th to put the boat in the water I did not know where I was going. A week later you shoot the first edges. There you say to yourself: if it is like that, there is a blow to play. The boat was already operational one week after it was launched.

You are tired?

Y.E: The chaining after the anticyclone to the Doldrums was hard. We started off in the trade winds and then we were hit directly with 35-40 knots not knowing how to move the boat because the sea was hard. We tore the mainsail. Behind, it's 48 hours when you're burnt, because it's 24 hours to repair and 24 hours to recover. So we were still torn … It's exhilarating to sail on such a boat because it's going fast, but it's not relaxing because there is breakage, must be repaired

C. D: Above all, there is no respite. Sometimes you tell yourself, there are 20 knots of wind downwind, that will do it, and no, the boat is under water. The only breaks we finally had was at the Doldrums, where we did not make too much change of sail, the bridge was dry, and we could go out outside., To look at the clouds …

Y.E Yeah, Charlie was in the boat watching the satellite images on the computer, and I looked up, and I told him … be careful there's a big cloud coming … that's why we is complementary ..

Apivia in the Bahian night. | JEAN-MARIE LIOT

Have you had fun browsing Apivia?

Y.E: These are very exciting machines that we do not even know the potential. We always want to add a little notch. Even if sometimes it was also difficult to advance it, with doubts, and where we had to rack our brains.C. D: These are boats that accelerate very quickly, but which also quickly detect. One moment, I was on the phone with the land for a vacation, when the boat crashed. And Yann saw me disappear, I crossed the cockpit 4 meters flying, my phone to the ear and I went to land in the jack of the keel. Fortunately, I came out unscathed.

No compromise

Have the conditions been ideal for these boats?

C. D: No, at all, because we had very little wind across. We did close to the beginning, ideal conditions for drifting boats, then downwind …. The first time we did reaching, it was at the exit of the doldrums. But that's how it is, and it's important to have all the cases and to work on them. On a Vendee Globe too, there are all the conditions.

Y.E: It was a strategy that did not leave many compromises. Or it was full East, or full West, it was not a small investment. It was a decision that was not easy to make and that took us well. Because when you go against what routers and computers tell you, you have to have strong arguments.

How do you choose?

C.D: We played pretty centered at the beginning, to keep all the options and to be able to choose at the last moment.Y.E: We also thought of the word of Jean Bernard the director of Apivia who told us: we must remain cautious, do not take risks.C.D: And then in our choice to go from the east there was also the choice to stay in a group of high performance boats. Because being with skippers and boats of this level, it helps to stay well adjusted. That pulls us up. We had a meeting with Charal a few dozen meters from us.Y.E: Oh and then, we saw that they (Jeremie Beyou and Christopher Pratt) were one step ahead of everyone, because they master their boat to perfection, or almost. Today, they are above the crowd.

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