"We have improved regularly"


Madrid, Nov 10 (EFE) .- Diego Simeone, coach of Atletico Madrid, said Sunday that the rojiblanco team has "improved the regularity of the 90 minutes" in the win against Espanyol, said that "every day more progress is made in the search to be a team "and he pointed out that Vitolo" has to be helped much more by the injuries "to achieve continuity in the eleven that he has not yet had.

"We have been able to improve in the regularity of the 90 minutes in the game, either to attack or defend. The goal of the draw benefited us from being able to continue on the same line in the second half," he said in the press conference after the game at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, where he insisted several times on that idea.

"Today we were more regular throughout the game. Every day more progress is being made in the search to be a team. Costa enters and assists in the third goal. Saul is asked to play from the left back and makes an extraordinary match, Herrera gives us personality in the circulation in the half court … ", said the coach, who praised the performance of each of the players who started eleven.

Also from Vitolo: "He has made an extraordinary match. If I am not mistaken (when he is replaced) it was the 70th minute. It seemed to me that he had already given everything in terms of the effort to defend and attack. He is a player who when physically well it generates a lot of personality. Injuries have to help him a lot more. When he is available and at this level he is always competitive. "

"Today he came out for that reason, because he understood that Lemar could give more freshness and he had already given everything on the defensive side, which he did very well, and on the offensive, with that game between the lines that does a lot of damage to the rival," added Simeone, who stressed that internal competition is growing for the benefit of the team.

"The competition on the right side is; Herrera's competition grows in the middle with the Thomas, the Koke, the Saul; Saul can also play on the left back and we need Costa to get into this fight as he got into the few today minutes he had. And so the centrals. That will generate us to be a better team. That's what we want. It's the first time I think I made the changes quite late, surely the team was better than other times. "

"They can enter 10 more the goalkeeper, they cannot enter 40," he said about the starting eleven, before reviewing that his team has had "ups and downs" during this season, but remarked that "in all matches" have generated "goal situations ", except against the Royal Society, and has been" close to winning in many of them. "

"In this round of the selections we have played seven games. We won three, we drew three and we lost one. It is clear that we have to improve, because we are in a team called Atletico de Madrid and increasingly demanding more," said Simeone, who He said that you have to "have a greater personality to start the games." EFE

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