We interviewed Becky G after her performance in the "Super Bowl of video games": "I don't consider myself a gamer"


Becky G has no fear of experiencing. It is something that became clear thanks to his performance with J-Hope (BTS) in the collab 'Chicken Noodle Soup', an international success with K-pop flavor. And, following with Korean influences, The next thing has been to dare with video games.

It has been thanks to his intervention in the League of Legends Worlds, one of the most important celebrations of electronic sports whose final is played today in Paris between the teams of G2 Esports and Funplus Phoenix.

The game is a total success worldwide and especially good are the players of that Asian country, and the match between these two clubs It is already historical. And not only for the side of esports, but for the musical training led by Becky G.

"I think it's amazing to be part of this, how music brings everyone together," Becky told a small group of journalists just before jumping on stage. She, together with the artists Keke Palmer, Duckwrth, Thutmose and the Kpopera Soyeon, forms the True Damage group, based on the LoL universe.

"I didn't even know how big this world was until I got involved in this. At first I got a little scared, because I don't consider myself a gamer (I'm terrible playing!), "He confessed with laughter. Asking his brother Alejandro about the game." When I saw his reaction, it was as if he implied that everything he had done so far was not cool enough, and What he was doing now was the bomb. It's when I decided to get into this".

About his companions in this collab, all are good words: "It was wonderful. When I was proposed to do this, for me it was like being part of the Power Rangers, characters with a lot of personality. "And about working in groups, he recognizes that he likes to collaborate with other artists:" The more the better, I like to mix styles, enjoy rehearsals and share the stage".

He spent the same week in Seville for the delivery of the MTV awards, and before preparing for the opening ceremony he had words about his next performance in Spain: "It will be on December 8, and I am looking forward to Madrid. It will be superguay. The Spanish public is one of my favorites, and I like spending time there. He was one of the first countries to support me, recognize my music … for me it means a lot. "

The performance has also had room for Soyeon, one of the girls of (G) I-DLE, which just before the performance was seen with his spectacular outfit to interpret the song GIANTS. A visual show that has put together the best of electronic music, K-pop, rap and, look where videogames are.

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