'We know it's going to be tough'


All around positive mood prevailed Sunday evening after the press conference of the Greens at the present parliamentarians and country grandees. In general, approval of the decision was signaled and reference was made to the good climate for talks during the soundings with the OVP. Nobody said that the coalition negotiations would be easy.

"I would have agreed," said vice-club boss Sigrid Maurer, who is not entitled to vote even in the extended federal executive committee (EBV). It looks as if there is movement in the OVP, and one is already further than at the beginning of the soundings. Alma Zadic described the unanimous EBV decision as "really nice". According to reports, the opinion-forming in the parliamentary club had previously shown a clear direction.

Mandate Michel Reimon estimated the chance of a positive graduation to "more than 50 percent". There is only ten years left to make a change in climate policy. Therefore, one stands as Greens – "when, if not now" – ready for any government participation.

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Kogler: Green unanimously for negotiations with OVP

Hebein: "We know it's going to be tough"

A little less euphoric was the Viennese Gruner boss Birgit Hebein. "We know it's going to be tough," she said about the upcoming rounds with the OVP, even if movement was noticeable. In any case, entering into the negotiations is good – "in the sense of a responsibility".

The Upper Austrian Provincial Councilor Rudi Anschober emphasized the difference between federal and state levels. On the latter one knows each other better, and there are fewer ideology-related topics. It was important for the time being to get to know each other, and "the conversation culture was really okay," he reported from the soundings.

Rauch takes Vorarlberg as a role model

Johannes Rauch, who has just negotiated a second coalition period with the OVP in Vorarlberg, saw his country as a role model. What you have achieved in the minimum security area, the climate protection and the energy package, you could now use the federal government.

Exactly what the timetable looks like, those present were only elicit traces. On Tuesday, therefore, the negotiators will be presented, confirmed Leonore Gewessler, also a member of the sounding team. After the National Assembly plenum on Wednesday, there will then be information about the individual negotiating groups. Whether they start this week, was not very clear.

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