We will analyze the actual state


Hans-Joachim Watzke did not want to lose big words the day after the depressing performance of his Borussia, and he refrained from accusations for good reason. "We want to let the game sink first," said the BVB managing director on request of this editorial.


A thorough work-up, however, is indispensable, says Watzke: "I will gather together my colleagues in sports management, then we will analyze the current situation." During the week, Watzke wants to consult with the closest circle, then Matthias Sammer will be in Dortmund The "elephant round" with the external consultant, Watzke, sporting director Michael Zorc and licensed player Sebastian Kehl come together at least once a month. Now the situation does not tolerate any delay.

BVB boss Watzke: "Every criticism is right"

The 0: 4, especially the way in which Borussia presented in Munich, had given the BVB boss a blow, from which Watzke made no secret on Sunday. He also expressed "any understanding" for the shrill whistling of the fans. "You have every right in the world to whistle us for this achievement. Any criticism that is coming to us now comes rightly so. "

The team, said the BVB boss, have left after the 0: 1 of courage. And in the stands Watzke had to watch how she surrendered to her fate. After last scary ideas in Munich in series sees the 60-year-old also has a head problem when going to the Allianz Arena. "We have already lost high under Tuchel, under StOger and also under Favre."

A BVB defeat of a special kind

Nevertheless, this defeat was a special one. She pointed unsparingly Watzke and sporting director Michael Zorc in mind that this team just does not succeed under pressure always to reach their performance limit. Not least, this raises the question of the title of this cadre.

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