Weather Alert: Heavy rain and thunderstorms in the southeast


By Gilles MATRICON, meteorologist

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From Sunday, November 10 at 18:00 to Monday, November 11 at 18:00.
A vast low-pressure system stretches from Scandinavia to Ireland to Spain, Italy and the Maghreb, encompassing France. In the middle of this vast low-pressure system, secondary minimums are formed in the Mediterranean, causing heavy rains in south-eastern France and between Corsica and southern Var.

This Sunday at 16h, the instability is reinforced in connection with the rapid digging of a depression on the Gulf of Genoa. On the south of the Var, heavy showers have started since mid-day. Under a heavy storm, he fell 25mm of water between 12 and 13 hours in the area of ​​Saint-Tropez.

Saturday at 8 pm the disturbance concerns the west of France and causes sustained rains from Normandy to the Massif Central. They were accompanied by a brief but violent gale of wind from the Charente coast to those of the Loire-Atlantique with gusts at 117 km / h measured at the tip of Chassiron (44) and 111 km / h at the tip of Chemoulin (44). These rains are followed by heavy downpours on the Pyrenean departments where it has already fallen locally 20 to 50mm of water in the last 24 hours with 50mm in Urepel and Laruns (64) and 42mm in Dax (40) adding to the heavy rainfall already fallen since the beginning of the week.
On the Pyrenean massif, the snow / rain limit is around 1300 meters with 50cm of fresh snow measured Saturday morning at Cauteret (65) at 1535 meters altitude and 40cm at Gourette (64) at 1400 meters altitude.
In Corsica, it has already fallen 40mm of rain in Villanova and Ajaccio since Friday morning. Occasionally strong showers start in the middle of the afternoon.
Here is the timeline of this episode of bad weather:

A bad weather episode started Friday in Corsica which undergoes heavy showers. This strong agitation persists until Tuesday in the extreme south-east because of a very hollow depression and stationary on the Gulf of Genoa, which extends its influence to the Var. We wait between 50 and 150mm of water on the eastern coast of Corsica, 20 to 40mm on the south of the Var very locally. In Corsica, it snows abundantly with 50cm of snow expected above 1800 meters of altitude and a risk of formation of waterspouts off Bastia.

From Tuesday morning, the weather conditions improve, except in the extreme south-east and the Pyrenees, before the return of a period of very rough and winter Thursday by the west and the south, which will give rise to a new special release by our services.

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