Weather in Germany: winter – many smoothness accidents, weather service had warned


Winter break-in in Germany: Many roads in the south of the country were as smooth as glass on Sunday morning – and there were serious accidents. At night it gets really cold again.

  • At the beginning of November winter is knocking on in Germany.
  • The weather in Germany is quite changeable, but the signs are on snow!
  • JOrg Kachelmann was already in the snow on Thursday (7.11.).

Update from November 10, 2019, 1:40 pm: The German Weather Service had warned clearly against smoothness. And it happened. The more southern in Germany, the colder it became during the night on Sunday. At minus four degrees, the measuring stations on the edge of the Alps noted.

Weather in Germany: Several smoothness accidents in the south

The result: on the roads in the south of Germany, it was mirror-smooth. But many drivers drove either with unadapted speed or were technically mature not prepared for the winter. In any case, there were several smoothness accidents in the south of Germany. On the A7 There was a pile-up due to smoothness. (see link to A7 below). Also on the A8 south of Munich there was a smoothness accident.

Similarly, a Munich Porsche Cayman driver in the Wolfratshausen region came off the road due to slipperiness – and high speed – like * reported.

Weather in Germany: In the night on Monday again minus degrees

And there is no all – clear when Winter weather in Germany, On the contrary, the DWD is also warning that Monday night slippery roads through frost. Except on the coasts the thermometer falls down minus 5 degrees, Near the Alps to less than minus 6 degrees.

Update from November 10, 2019, 8 o'clock: Permanent gray and tough fog we currently have to owe high "Paloma". The German Weather Service (DWD) warns against Frost and soil smoothness! Especially on bridges, there may be occasional danger of frost or ice.

Where the thick fog pulls off, however, the sun shines wonderfully on Sunday! If the weather luck is good, you should enjoy it. Next week, new lows will be coming from the Atlantic: "Carletto" and "Detlef". When the sky clears, the temperatures rush into the cellar. The lows are minus 5 degrees.

On the A7 in Bavaria, it has already crashed as a result of smoothness – at the pile-topping 18 vehicles were involved, reported *,

Germany weather: Dangerous weather conditions approaching – now comes the frost

Update of November 9, 2019: While it can snow above 700 to 1000 meters, it is cloudy or foggy in many places in Germany. In the night of Saturday on the Zugspitze already 55 inches of snow have fallen.

In the night of Sunday, in the south there can be widespread light frost between -1 and -4 degrees. The temperatures continue to drop. The maximum temperatures are only 5 to 9 degrees on Sunday. "In the permanent gray partly only 3 degrees," reports the DWD. During the night on monday there may be light frost at -4 degrees. In Bavaria, the temperatures could fall in places down to -8 degrees.

Germany weather: Dangerous weather conditions approaching – now comes the frost

Update of November 8, 2019: Germany remains in warning state. A so-called Vb weather situation, in which a low-pressure area meets high-altitude currents, can lead to heavy rain showers and floods in Germany.

On Friday, November 8, the snowfall limit can drop to 500 meters. Not only the Alps are affected. The people in the Black Forest, Allgau, Franconian Switzerland and Swabian Alb also have to adapt to snow-related slipping hazards. Even in the low mountains it can come to snowfall. Warn against and

While it can come on the roads in the south-west on the roads to snow chaos, draw the low foothills on Friday to the northeast of Germany. Here is already to be expected with the first rains, slight harbingers of the forecast for the coming week extreme bad weather.

Germany weather: Dangerous Vb weather situation threatens

Message of November 7, 2019: In the so-called Vb-weather conditions, pronounced "Funf-b", is a depression that has its origins in the Italian Gulf of Genoa and is then driven northwards via high-altitude currents, via Poland and the Czech Republic to Scandinavia. But sometimes that is also East side of Germany affected, which then has to deal with heavy rainfall.

Germany weather: We are so dangerous to the Vb weather

Experts are worried about this scenario for the coming weekend, reports Mountain ranges in Baden-Wurttemberg, Saxony and Thuringia very heavy rain showers, It would exist there too Flood risk,

Germany weather: snowfall above about 700 meters

Already in the past few days experts had warned against dangerous weather conditions. And indeed: Above about 700 meters, the precipitation is already on Turn Saturday into snow or sleetwhich, however, only remains in high mountain areas.

The Forecast of the German Weather Service refers only to the coming days. Reports, according to which a record winter was already clear, contradicted the meteorologist JOrg Kachelmann decided. On Thursday morning he then reported with a Winter picture of the dove stone:

Snow this weekend, but what about the 24th of December? On the subject of Christmas weather, experts have now ventured a first forecast. A football magazine wants to baptize a low-pressure area in the name of a cult kicker – but the time is pressing.


Rubric list picture: © dpa / Patrick Seeger

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