"We'll see in the coming days"


Author of a difficult start to the season, Genk drags his spleen. Disappointed by the recent results of their team, Limburg fans have made it heard by chanting "Mazzu Buiten" against their coach. Again defeated by Ghent this Saturday night, Genk has conceded his sixth defeat of the season … in 14 games. Felice Mazzu was therefore logically disappointed after the meeting.

"This match was lost after five minutes in the first half and five minutes in the second. When you take goals ten times in the first ten minutes, it's difficult, you have to run after the score. We showed good things in the first half, then the house of cards collapsed. After the 2-0, we made changes, we changed the system twice, we played more offensively but not much has worked. Why? I do not know how to say it, especially after Tuesday in Liverpool, the performance of today in the 2nd half is difficult to accepthe explains laconically.

This new defeat sounds the end of the ambitions of the former technician carolo Genk? "It is possible as it is not possible. I have not yet had any contact with the management but all that has been said this season, I have seen it too. I have not yet received a signal from the management, we will see in the coming days. As long as I'm here, I'll give myself 100% for the club. " concludes Felice Mazzu.

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