Werder Bremen: Against Gladbach everything goes wrong – match report!


MOnchengladbach – A blatant goalkeeper, a fearful defense (and not only in standards) and an unbelievable odds – the SV Werder Bremen has on Sunday afternoon in league leaders Borussia MOnchengladbach a very bad 1: 3 (0: 2) Defeat itself einrockt. The game report of DeichStube *.

Ramy Bensebaini (20th) and Patrick Herrmann (22nd and 59th) scored for Gladbach, Leonardo Bittencourt (90. + 3) scored the late Bremen goal. His captain Davy Klaassen, on the other hand, failed with a penalty kick at the towering Yann Sommer (53).

In this constitution, the target Europe for Werder is definitely no longer an issue. After now seven winless games in a row and only eleven points from eleven games, the Bremen have as a table-14. rather, be careful not to get completely into the relegation battle. The advantage over the dangerous zone is only two meters.

Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt had in his starting eleven actually renounced surprises, he wanted to the players who had started a week ago against SC Freiburg (2: 2), trust. But after the warm-up, it suddenly said: Omer Toprak can not play because of muscular problems on the calf. The newcomer from Dortmund has no luck at Werder. For him, Sebastian Langkamp moved into central defense.

Werder Bremen: Again a standard goal and goalkeeper error

The Bremen defense was immediately in the spotlight, had lost sight of Marcus Thuram, who narrowly missed the goal from five meters (1.). On the other hand Milot Rashica failed keeper Yann Sommer (3rd) – it was to be a permanent duel this Sunday. Also at Werder the goalkeeper was the focus, but not positive. After a free-kick from Laszlo Benes the Czech was once again on the line, Ramy Bensebaini was able to einkOpfen unchecked to 1: 0 (20th). Theodor Gebre Selassie had not been able to stop him. Another goal against a standard, this weakness is hard to believe.

Werder was the shock of the annoying residue still in the bone, when it rang again in his own box. Only 107 seconds after the 1-0 Patrick Herrmann made the 2: 0 (22) – with the kind support of Pavlenka. The otherwise careful guard had hurried out of the gate after a long ball by Matthias Ginter and misjudged himself badly. Instead of the ball he hit Thuram, the ball landed at Herrmann, who could shoot into the empty goal. What's up with the 27-year-old? Already in the 2: 2 against Freiburg a week ago had Pavlenka twice gepatzt – and now again.

Werder Bremen: video evidence! Referee takes goal back

But Werder struggled and played back especially. After a great combination, Yuya Osako (27) hit, but the video assistant spoke up, sending referee Tobias Stieler to the screen on the sidelines. And the referee had seen a foul from Rashica to Denis Zakaria at the start of the goal, taking the hit back. A tough decision from Bremer's point of view, because Zakaria had first sought physical contact, Rashica got into trouble and then hit his opponent down the leg. Is that really enough for a clear wrong decision and thus the intervention of the video assistant?

It was remarkable how Werder dealt with it: The decision seemed to inspire the guests. They pushed for the connecting goal. But the strong-bearded Rashica did not make a great debut after a great solo (32.) and found his master again in summer (41.). Shortly thereafter, Maximilian Eggestein missed from five meters by the head the actually safe goal, again summer had responded brilliantly (41).

Werder Bremen: Davy Klaassen misses penalty against Gladbach

This summer brought Werder to their senses, as in the 53rd minute the Swiss also parried a penalty by Davy Klaassen. The Dutchman had aimed in the middle, the summers flown into the corner just got the foot up. The penalty decision was more than controversial – and again the video referee played a big role. Bensebaini had unintentionally kicked Osako on one foot on one step back – and the ball was somewhere else. Stieler decided according to the TV images on penalty. Ultimately, it remained without consequences for the result, because Klaassen already missed his second penalty this season. He also failed at Union Berlin.

But it came even worse for Werder: In a counterattack wanted the anxious Friedl partout not attacking Herrmann, who then just einschoss to 3: 0 (59.). That was the preliminary decision!

Only Kohfeldt still believed in the change, brought the offensive Benjamin Goller and Josh Sargent for the defensive Nuri Sahin and Marco Friedl. Without real effect. In the end, Werder could even be happy not to have scored more goals. In the end, the Bremen were in the majority, Bensebaini had seen the traffic light card after a rude foul on Bittencourt (87.). With a fine trick Bittencourt managed after all, a little bit of earnings correction.

Werder Bremen: Pavlenka – Gebre Selassie, Veljkovic, Langkamp, ​​Friedl (81st Sargent) – Sahin (73rd Goller) – M. Eggestein, Klaassen – Bittencourt, Osako, Rashica.

MOnchengladbach: Summer – Lainer, Ginter, Elvedi, Bensebaini – Kramer (34th Hofmann), Zakaria – Benes (59th Neuhaus) – Herrmann, Plea (81st Stindl), Thuram.

Werder Bremen against Borussia MOnchengladbach: The live ticker to read

Final whistle. Werder loses 3-1 against Borussia MOnchengladbach. The goal in injury time was only result cosmetics.

90. + 3 minutes: But still the gate for Werder Bremen. A wonderful Schlenzer by Leonardo Bittencourt to 1: 3 from Bremer view.

90. + 2 minutes: Immediately this frustrating football afternoon for the Bremen is over. What remains are three goals and a table region where the Bremer actually did not want to find again.

90th + 1 min: Herrmann gets the ball in the penalty area by the hand. There is no penalty.

90th Min: There is three minutes extra time

89. Min: Werder loses here deservedly. Although the result is at least one goal too high, but even so today everything went wrong.

88th Min: The following free kick leads to the seventh corner Bremen, which is safe again.

87th Min: Ramy Bensebaini kisses Leo Bittencourt and sees the yellow and red card. Gladbach still ten.

86th Min: Thuram spits the ball on the starting Stindl. Referee Stieler whistles wrongly offside.

84th Min: Thunder in the Bremen penalty area. Lainer comes to the shot, the Pavlenka can catch easily.

81 min Josh Sargent comes for Marco Friedl, who has claimed another unfortunate performance today. Gladbach also changes. Lars Stindl comes into the game for Alassane Plea.

81 min Yellow for Friedl. The eighth of the game.

80th Min: Plea again with a degree. Pavlenka holds the ball effortlessly.

78th Min: There is not much happening here anymore. Gladbach plays it cleverly home.

75th Min: The next yellow card for the Bremer. Davy Klaassen looks after her after a foul of the harder pace at Plea.

73. Min: But now he first change of Bremer. No Pizarro, no Sargent. Benjamin Goller comes for Nuri Sahin, who did not have his best day today and was also biased yellow.

73. Min: The last Bremen big chance, the penalty, is now also twenty minutes ago. A catch-up hunt looks different.

72. Min: Sahin chips a free-kick into the box. The long Gladbacher are on the spot.

71 min Claudio Pizarro, Jojo Eggestein and Josh Sargent are sitting on the bench. Apparently, Kohfeldt does not even want to get something here. Or is he scared to get bogged down?

70th Min: Double goalkeeper Herrmann sees yellow after a foul on Bittencourt.

68th Min: Herrmann with a really nice free kick. Now Pavlenka finally can distinguish himself by clearing the ball to the corner. The corner does not bring anything.

65th Min: Eleven points after eleven games. As a 14th one now looks downwards rather than to Europe.

62. Min: 3: 0 is a bitter result for the Green-Whites. Offensively left too much, defensive partly bumbling. The result is that Werder to Mainz and Paderborn now has the most goals of the league.

59. Min: The decision. Patrick Herrmann meets for 3-0 for Borussia. If you defend so you do not have to be surprised. What Marco Friedl does is refuse to work. He lets Herrmann easily enter the area and shoot in the left corner.

57th Min: Nuri Sahin really turns Benes over. He rightly sees the yellow card and apologizes to the injured Slovak. Gladbach has to change and brings Florian Neuhaus. No deterioration

54th Min: Florian Kohfeldt should consider choosing a new penalty taker in the future. Klaassen shoots after the weak Union penalty for the second time. Why not Rashica?

Min.53: Klaassen misses the second time this season. Summer holds everything today.

52. Min: Stieler shows after a long reflection time to the point. Penalty for Werder. Good for Werder, but questionable, because the player has made this completely unintentional.

49th Min: Bensebaini unintentionally kicks Osako's foot in the penalty area. Stieler looks at the scene again.

47th Min: Bremen with four (!) Corners in a row. Unfortunately, none of them is really dangerous.

47th Min: Zakaria too easily past Klaassen. His shot from 20 meters is harmless.

46th Min: The teams are ready. It continues without change. Incidentally, the mood in the Werder Block was very good throughout the first half. The away block is bulging and the goals have not damaged the support.

Halftime in Borussia Park. Gladbach leads 2-0 against a faulty Werder. Above all, the two goalkeepers have their share of this result. Yann Sommer is really strong, Pavlenka stays in shape last week.

45. + 3 minutes: Friedl checks Thuram off the sideline. Lucky that there is no yellow card for this.

45th Min: There are three minutes of injury time due to a few injury interruptions and the VAR deployment.

44th Min: Langkamp and Plea hook up shortly before the penalty area. Plea falls, Gladbach protests. But Stieler keeps going.

42. Min: Again Werder. Bittencourt flies into the box where Eggestein is ready for action. But the ball comes too central to summer, which can once again excel.

41st Min: If Werder once radiates danger then only through Rashica. Again, the Kosovar comes to a conclusion. Yann Sommer keeps the ball worth seeing.

38th Min: Yellow cards Veljkovic, which surrounds Thuram.

37th Min: Gladbach continues to play the balls back and forth. Werder looks behind and gets no access. Especially Maxi Eggestein has been rather unfortunate so far.

33. Min: Christoph Kramer has injured himself. Marco Rose has to change and brings Jonas Hofmann for the world champion.

32. Min: Werder has not given up yet. Rashica marches with the ball along the penalty area and narrowly misses the goal.

28. Min: Referee Stieber looks at the situation again and takes the gate back. Rashica met Zakaria at the foot before. Bitter, but you can decide that way.

27. Min: Goal for Werder Bremen. Matching goal Werder by Yuya Osako. but was there a foul by Rashica before?

27. Min: Gladbach now has everything under control.

26. min: Frustrating score, but Werder simply has too little access. Pavlenka also weak as in the last week.

22 min: double strike MOnchengladbach. Where Pavlenka should have come out, he does it now completely unnecessary and too hesitant. Herrmann scores to make it 2-0 for the home side after Ginter plays a long ball in the lead. Thuram plays on Hermann, who has no trouble to hit the empty goal. Totally unnecessary goal.

20 min: This standard weakness is unbelievable. After a free kick from the right side of Benes Gladbach leads 1-0 by Ramy Bensebaini. Pavlenka remains stuck on the line, Gebre Selassie loses the header duel and the Algerian heads to the lead.

19. min: Cheerful games in Borussia Park. You can tell the teams that they both plan to win this game.

16. Min: Counter of the Gladbacher. Lightning fast, the foals cross the midfield and look in the middle Thuram, who comes only with the hoe to the ball. No danger to the goal of Jiri Pavlenka.

15 minutes: Rashica takes the free-kick and pulls him past the left side of the goal. Too bad.

14th Min: Again Leonardo Bittelcourt is in the center of the action. Nico Elvedi meets SVW's left midfielder with too high a foot. Yellow for elvedi, treatment for Bittencourt, free kick for Werder.

13th min The corner does not bring anything.

13th min Elvedi clears for Gladbach after Bittencourt broke through on the left. Since the Werder newcomer hesitated too long. After all, there is a corner for Werder.

11. Min: Leo Bittencourt has been entrusted with some defensive tasks today. So far he's doing very well.

8. Min: Free-kick for Gladbach from the half-field. In the season so far Werder has always problems with standards. The Benes free kick but this time no danger.

6th min Here is directly in there fire. After the two big chances in the first few seconds, it has now become a bit quieter, but the beginning promises an exciting game.

3rd min: On the opposite side Rashica comes from about 16 meters to the conclusion. Yann Sommer is on hand.

1st Min: After just 40 seconds, the first huge opportunity for Gladbach. Marcus Thuram, son of the World and European Champion Lilian Thuram, is flanked from the right. The assistant shows wrongly offside.

1st Min: Gladbach starts. The game is running!

1.30 pm: There is currently a minute of silence for the deceased ten years ago national keeper Robert Enke.

13:29: The teams have entered the lawn. It starts immediately. Referee of the game is Tobias Stieler.

13:27: Interesting that Kohfeldt Sebastian Langkamp prefers Christian Gross despite the praise of the last weeks. Let's hope it's the right decision.

13:25: This change shortly before the start of the match fits the previous season of the Bremen newcomer. The central defender, who came from Dortmund, was unhappy in the field. In addition, he is not struck today for the first time. To date, the 30-year-old Turk is not yet the hoped-for gain.

13:22: Omer Toprak falls short because of muscular problems in the calf. Sebastian Langkamp plays for him instead.

13:15: If you still want to regain the connection to the front seats, Werder would have to start again to win. Recently there were always guides, but in the end only draws.

13.07 clock: The balance of recent years does not speak for Werder. Since 2015, Grun-weib has not been able to win against the foals.

12:58: Werder falters instead. Eleven points after ten games are certainly not what you had imagined. Selsbt with a victory today, they are still five points behind the season goal Europe.

12:55: For the Bremen opponent MOnchengladbach it is currently running really well. For four matchdays you greet from the top of the table. Newcomers such as World Champion's son Marcus Thuram are fully hit and the coach Marco Rose has apparently arrived directly on the Lower Rhine.

12:47: MOnchengladbach starts today u.a. with Plea, Herrmann and Thuram. If things are not going as expected, offensive Stindl, Raffael and Traore are still waiting for their bets.

12:44: Claudio Pizarro is also back on the bench.

12:38: Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt dispenses with his starting eleven on surprises, trusts the players who had started against SC Freiburg (2: 2) a week ago. So Marco Friedl is allowed to keep his place, although he did not really convince. But by the failure of Ludwig Augustinsson there is no real alternative on the left defense. Also in the system, Kohfeldt relies on proven – so his 4: 3: 3. Where Nuri Sahin certainly slip as a six-times between the center-back and make the four-a five-piece chain.

This is how Werder plays: Pavlenka – Gebre Selassie, Veljkovic, Toprak, Friedl – Sahin – M. Eggestein, Klaassen – Bittencourt, Osako, Rashica.

12:21: Only a few minutes until the announcement of the lineups. We are curious how Florian Kohfeldt will play today.

On the preliminary report of 8 November 2019:

Werder Bremen: Coach Florian Kohfeldt also vehemently defends his course against Gladbach

For SV Werder Bremen there were in the Bundesliga last five draws in series. Now, on Sunday (13.30 clock), the league leaders Borussia MOnchengladbach will finally win again – the preliminary report of the DeichStube *.

Bremen – Florian Kohfeldt can do that. Pretty good, even what is undoubtedly an advantage in his job: the coach of SV Werder Bremen is in a position to recognize even in unsightly moments directly opportunities – just happened again, after the bitter 2: 2 against SC Freiburg. "Such an experience always offers the opportunity to put your finger in the wound. And it guarantees the increased willingness of all involved to deal with it, "said Kohfeldt, who with his players before the tough away game at league leaders Borussia Monchengladbach (Sunday, 13.30 clock, for the first time for Werder Bremen in the stream on DAZN) has spoken a lot and above all fundamentally.

"It was about questions like: how do we deal with such moments? How do we want to act as a team? ", Reported Kohfeldt, who – and that is the answer to these questions – from Werder's previous course, from the the idea of ​​football did not change a centimeter would like to. "I'm not going to break that up now," Kohfeldt said Friday. There was another sentence, absolutely and unmistakably: "Our basic approach, I'm sorry, is not negotiable."

Werder Bremen: Coach Florian Kohfeldt emphasizes – "do not let us spoil our way of playing"

Werder Bremen have played in the Bundesliga five times last time, which was around the Weserstadion nobody satisfies. The team has been on the spot for weeks as far as the table is concerned. Although it is point-wise progress, but only in the smallest possible steps. It's frustrating. Also Kohfeldt. Less the three 2-2 games in Dortmund, Frankfurt and Leverkusen. All the more for the 1: 1 against Hertha and that bitter 2: 2 against SC Freiburg, both in their own stadium. "Most of the time in the last five games, we had the feeling that we had the Victories taken away have, "said Kohfeldt.

In fact, the Werder football could have been successful, the chances were there, the play has always worked, just not the full distance. However, that will come, Kohfeldt is sure of that, he works on it every day – and he has his pros against it before the game Borussia Monchengladbach Now reminding, "I said to the team this week," Be aware that playing football is special, as we play football. That is not a matter of course, there is a lot of work in it. We will become ourselves do not let it break and do not question it. "Especially not now, where Werder is against the team of the hour. That means: Also in Gladbach wants Werder Bremen behave courageously, the opponent, as Kohfeldt calls it, "give moments that he does not want in his game".

Florian Kohfeldt wants to win against Borussia MOnchengladbach with Werder Bremen

Whether a renewed 2: 2 not in Gladbach a good result would be the coach during the press conference asked before the game. His answer: "I never go into a game with the goal of reaching a draw, but always wants to win, This is also the clear goal in Gladbach. It becomes very important that we radiate courage. "Against a team in which self-confidence" is not exactly in short supply ". Sure, Kohfeldt has Gladbach's late 2: 1 on Thursday night against the AS Rome seen. The winning goal of Marcus Thuram, "The high risk-taking, extreme dynamism and speed".

But he also saw "the possibilities against them." And all this will have been told to his players. These in turn – to conclude Florian Kohfeldt's ability to recognize chances to come back in difficult moments – after the 2: 2 against Freiburg should have listened very attentively. Because, again Kohfeldt: "After success, a team is much less receptive than after moments in which it sometimes hurt. And it hurt against Freiburg. "(Dco)

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