Werner Kogler announces: Greens want to go into coalition negotiations with OVP


On Monday probably the starting signal for coalition negotiations. As expected, the Greens have given the green light to the extended federal executive on Sunday. Now the OVP is on the train.

AUSTRIA. After the exploratory talks between OVP chief Sebastian Kurz (OVP) and Greens boss Werner Kogler, the negotiations start next week. The prerequisite for this was the Sanctus from Kogler's consulting team. This took place on Sunday with unanimity. Kogler himself had kept himself covered until the very end: only so much that he would give a recommendation to the federal executive.

For this way of negotiations, there is no map, said Kogler in a press conference on Sunday. He spoke of "pioneering work". The Greens had "miturursacht" the soundings and they "very seriously", said the Green Party chairman.
The hand of the Greens against the OVP is stretched out. The outcome is open, but they will neither "negotiate for failure" nor seek a coalition at any price.

OVP chairman on the train

Kurz wanted to make his decision dependent on the Greens. He had announced that he would announce his official "Go" by Monday at the latest. It will be the weekend for consultations with the frets and the national organizations benefit, also there should be meetings in the party committees.

Both sides had previously stressed several times that it was still "not a foregone conclusion", that the two parties actually go into a government. However, although many of these possible coalitions are skeptical, as recently ex-Green MP Terezija Soisits, the two exploratory negotiators have always made a confident impression.

The three big sticking points between the negotiators: The topic of climate, as well as immigration in Austria and our social policy.

What both party leaders really want:
That is how Sebastian Kurz dreams of his ideal Austria
This is how Werner Kogler dreams of his ideal Austria

Recommendations of the provincial governors

At the provincial governors' conference in Lower Austria on Thursday and Friday, the Lower Austrian provincial governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner called for more study places in the field of medicine from a future government, in particular the lack of doctors. There was agreement on the demand for clear funding guidelines for funding guidelines for renewable energy. The topic of nursing care came to the table. Of the originally agreed compensation payments (340 million euros per year), only 300 million euros would have been distributed. On the subject of asylum, the future federal government wanted to see the procedures run faster.

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