What about Cristiano Ronaldo? Sarri replaced him again and now in Juventus-Milan – Ten



div id=”DTElementID-20579852″>Many wonder what happens with the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Juventus. For the second consecutive game Maurizio Sarri He took it out of a match.

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At minute 55 the coach made his first change in the duel against Milan and it was the Portuguese who was replaced by Paulo Dybala

It is the first time since 2016 that Christian He leaves the court in two consecutive games. First it was against him Lokomotiv in Champions League and now before the rossonero box in Serie A.

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That day CR7 He got annoyed and didn't shake hands with Sarri, today he went straight to the dressing rooms after greeting Paulo Dybala before leaving.


Cristiano Ronaldo He only has five goals so far in the Italian league and his numbers have dropped considerably compared to past years.

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The Portuguese left the match at minute 55.

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