What are the differences of these reality?


Without a doubt, since the reality shows They came to Aztec lands, they were a success, because people identify with the contestants, who are usually people "common and current" they do everything to reach the fame.

Programs of this type have been presented over time, many remain in the memory of Mexicans because they became seedbeds of new values.

Now there are two reality that promise unique shows and that will do everything to capture the attention of viewers: La Voz Kids and La Academia.

What are the differences between these programs?

The voice Kids

  • Produced by Televisa in collaboration with Talpa Media.
  • In the national casting, those who will participate throughout the program in their 10 broadcasts are selected.
  • Coaches do not attend but members of the Program team.
  • The casting can be online or in person.

Stage 1: Blind Auditions
The coaches will be with their backs to the participants and will be guided only by their voice. If the participant's voice is pleasant to the coaches they will press a button ("I want your voice") that will turn your chair in front of the participant, to finally know him and indicate that the participant has been selected.

However, as of the Fourth Season, the participant may be within Box, something that will prevent coaches from knowing the participant until he is uncovered. If more than one coach presses the button, the participant will have the option to decide which of the coaches they want to train in this competition, but if a coach is the only one who presses the button, automatically, the participant goes to his team. If none of the coaches press the button, it means that the participant is eliminated.

Stage 2: The battles
The coaches will be forced to reduce their team in half, so they will go up to two members (or three members, as the case may be) of their team to sing together in a ring, who will face and show who has the best voice.

In the end each coach will make the decision to save one to go to the next stage, and the other will be eliminated, however, from the Third Season, the modality of the "Stole", where the eliminated will be able to be stolen by other trainers by pressing the button "I want your voice", but if more than one coach presses the button, the participant will choose their new coach.

For coaches to have a choice of voice at this stage, they are advised by other important singers in the middle.

Stage 3: semifinal
Six participants per coach participated to pass only 2 participants per team advanced to the final.

The academy

  • Original TV Azteca program that launched its first generation in 2002.
  • The last broadcast of this program was in October 2018, concluding with the graduation of the eleventh generation of students.
  • The Academy was the first project of Adal Ramones on TV Azteca.

The first generation selected 14 students from a casting of 50 thousand people in Mexico.

During the time they are in the facilities of the Academy, the members receive receive singing and fitness classes.

The judges evaluate student performance each week through the buttons.

The weakest students face and remain who is selected by the viewer.

Like La Voz Kids, the number of participants is reduced until reaching the final.

By Digital Writing El Heraldo de Mexico


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