What changed in Chivas with Chofis Lopez?


Lopez found a new air for good with the Flock of Luis Fernando Tena.

Although the career of Javier Eduardo Lopez with Chivas It had been marked by ups and downs, where there were few occasions when it shone, everything indicates that with Luis Fernando Tena could show his best version .

And in two meetings, the Chofis He has marked two goals consecutively , shining in the meeting last Sunday against Toluca, where he was one of the best men in the game to score and assist Alan Pulido.

Actions such as those that have occurred in recent meetings have also helped Javier Eduardo begin to revalue in the market Well, Ricardo Pelaez could give him an ultimatum or he could even give it up to a better club for next year.

The presence of the CESIFUT squad on the pitch came as ring to finger to the Flock, every time he contributed so that he could improve the offensive apparatus and have opportunities for danger as before the Red Devils.

In Basic Forces the hit with the left leg of the Chofis had stood out, a situation that now showed to make it clear that the remembered performance before the Rayados when they were still directed by Matias Almeyda was no accident.

It will be the next meetings where the offensive midfielder demonstrates that the rebound in his football career with the Flock is no accident, in which his last call to wake up could be considered.

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