What did Alexandre Guimaraes say about the mistakes that caused the defeat of America de Cali before Santa Fe?


Two punctual errors caused the defeat of America on Saturday against Santa Fe, in Bogota, at the start of the home runs.

When the red team of Cali had controlled the game and even did more for the result, the scores of the eleventh of Bogota arrived.

After 34 minutes a bad start by goalkeeper Neto Volpi in front of Edwin Herrera's left, allowed Fainer Torijano to score 1-0.

And after 60 minutes, after a corner kick charged by America, a backlash from Santa Fe was born that culminated Maicol Balanta to put the 2-0 on the board.

Scarlet coach Alexandre Guimaraes did not avoid the issue of mistakes that cost the game.

"We are all quite upset, it was a game in which the two teams were even, they are situations that we must correct so that they do not happen again, because in this type of tournaments so short it does not give you time to recover," he said.

"The second goal was a question that I talked about in the dressing room; there are situations that we should handle better, we had to stop the game in that action of their second goal; we simply wanted to make a speed race and they took a two-lead advantage against one, those are the situations that must be corrected. That had not happened for a while, and now to continue so that this does not happen in the next game, ”said Guimaraes.

America is now getting ready to receive the Oil Alliance on Thursday, November 14 at Pascual Guerrero.

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