What does Chivas need to qualify for the Liga MX League?


Guadalajara Jalisco /

A few weeks ago it looked like "Guajiro dream", but today Chivas is allowed to dream of the Opening League 2019 when there is only one date left and it depends on beating Veracruz and four other combinations, one of them with its staunch regional rival, the Atlas, involved.

After defeat roosters Saturday, Guadalajara has 22 points and aspires to maximum 25 to be eighth, so the calculator will be your best friend when the Day 19 between November 22 and 24.

  • Beat Veracruz
  • Atlas win against Monterrey.
  • Tijuana draw or defeat against Leon.
  • Draw between Pachuca and Pumas.
  • Defeat of Cruz Azul in one of his two outstanding games.

“There is still a small possibility, we will do what depends on ourselves, in the last match of the tournament we must close with everything and we hope that the results are given so that we can enter (to Liguilla)”Said the rojiblanco squad, Gilberto Sepulveda.

There are other combinations in terms of difference goals that would have to be given, if for example Rayados ties with Atlas or if Pachuca defeats the Pumas, but there it will also require beating the Red Sharks.

"We are really attentive to the results of the other teams, but as I say, we are clear that what depends on ourselves we have to do well, it is essential and if the results are given, it will be thanks to God," he added The Tiba

If Tijuana, Rayados and Cruz Azul win on the last date, Chivas would already be eliminated to his match against Veracruz, since the three teams mentioned play before the Flock.

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