What Real Sociedad offers to Aitor Fernandez and Athletic is not even close: GOL digital


The Real Sociedad already moves token to get Aitor Fernandez del Levante

First delicate moment that Athletic is going through this season. The team has sunk both at the level of play and results in recent days and the coach begins to be questioned by some decisions he has been making and that have not liked the fans, despite adding three points before he RCD Espanyol.

Where there are few doubts at the moment it is in the goal. Unai Simon it has taken over the starting position ahead of Iago Herrerin after much fighting during the past year and the beginning of this. Of course, the young goalkeeper does not get rid of criticism from fans, since they consider that he has seen his performance reduced.

At 22 Unai Simon it still has a huge growth margin, but since the Athletic there are doubts that it may stagnate after assaulting ownership. For that reason the Biscay club thinks about signing the goalkeeper revelation of the championship and that he can have a healthy competition rivalry with Simon, something that Blacksmith it can not do.

The Royal Society moves token

In this way the goalkeeper we are talking about is none other than Aitor Fernandez, which is the goalkeeper who is most involved in what we have in the championship. Quarryman of Athletic he Lift UD You already know the threat of your old club and even the Real society and that is why he has been working on improving his contract for weeks, with the sole purpose of deterring interested teams.

Moya Real Sociedad

And in case of not reaching an agreement to improve your salary the Athletic you will have the opportunity to sign to Aitor Fernandez for just a million and a half euros. That is a hidden clause in the goalkeeper's contract. Its official clause is 20 million, but if some team puts a million and a half euros on the table the Lift UD You have to raise your salary or let it out.

Yes, today Aitor Fernandez view the proposal of the Real society, where you have more options to assault ownership. Moya contract ends at the end of the season and I turn still leaving doubts, so it would not be strange to see him seated in the eleven realistic. Instead on the Athletic Aitor know that in the long term the bet of the club is Unai Simon.

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