What the Berlin ARD thriller has to do with the GDR


The Berlin "crime scene" is not for the faint hearted. The new episode looks back on a dark chapter in the GDR with a mummified corpse. The investigators Karow and Rubin are puzzled.

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The new "crime scene" titled "Life After Death" has it all. It was filmed with 200,000 flies and buckets full of maggots, as director Florian Baxmeyer tells in the production notes. The flies buzzed around the actors, they were everywhere, in the hair, in the mouth, in the eyes. No easy task for the TV faces Meret Becker and Mark Waschke. "But we wanted to show a corpse, which has been rotting in the apartment for weeks, realistically," says Baxmeyer about the Berlin thriller. "So we had to go through it."

In the episode, there are two topics: Loneliness in the big city and the death penalty, which existed until 1987 in the GDR. This GDR chapter is something new, according to the station RBB for the "crime scene". Historical fits the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which is now celebrated.

East and West also in the "crime scene" a topic

It is also about sensitivities of East and West – with a special cast: The 88-year-old Otto Mellies, who appeared in DEFA films and was part of the ensemble of the Deutsches Theater Berlin, plays Gerd BOhnke, a former GDR judge. He is the victim of a burglary and feels the world as unjust. It culminates in a hostage-taking in a supermarket, where Commissioner Nina Rubin (Meret Becker) calls him a "turncoat loser".

Actor Otto Mellies in the role of Gerd BOhnke: He once belonged to the ensemble of the German Theater and was now in the Actor Otto Mellies in the role of Gerd BOhnke: He once belonged to the ensemble of the German Theater and was now in the "crime scene" in front of the camera. (Source: rbb / Marcus Glahn)

Rubin's colleague Robert Karow (Mark Waschke) experiences this time as a neighbor that you can live next to a dead person in the apartment for weeks without noticing anything. The corpse has a neck shot so that the landlady is targeted. A hollow wall plays a role. Then there would be a craftsman who was a witness to a bloody act as a child in GDR times.

Meret Becker will be seen for the last time in 2022 in the popular thriller series. Since 2015, she has been working for the Berliner series. What comes next, the actress has already betrayed. She told the "Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung": "For example, I wrote a screenplay that I absolutely wanted to film."

The "crime scene" will be broadcast today at 8.15 pm on the ARD.

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