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New group invitations can be controlled at Whatsapp. (Video: Wibbitz)

New group invitations can be controlled at Whatsapp. (Video: Wibbitz)

Adding too many groups to Whatsapp can be annoying. Now the messenger launches a feature that prevents that.

Exchange with family, friends or the club: group chats are widely used at Whatsapp. So far, it has been difficult to avoid new groups because they have been added without the ability to refuse. That changes now.

New invitation system

Whatsapp has introduced a new privacy option for groups. The new invitation system can be found in the app under Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups. With the setting "all" you can continue to add all persons to groups. "My Contacts" will only allow you to add users who are in the address book to groups. With the option "My contacts except …" you can specifically exclude certain contacts, for example the boss.

More control over chats

Now, if a user you've excluded from the above setting wants to add you to a group, he'll be asked to send you an invitation via personal chat. You can accept these within three days, then they expire.

As Whatsapp writes, the update will be available to users around the world. It should be delivered with the latest version of the messenger. The feature is designed to give users more control over the group's messages, Whatsapp explains in its blog.

Actually, the operator of the messenger had announced the function in April and partly already rolled out. However, the group feature does not seem to have arrived at all users yet. Some readers complained at the time that they did not see the options in the settings yet.

We asked and received the following response: "The latest update has been distributed since Wednesday and users will see it in the next few days, so we recommend that all users make sure they have the latest version of the app," a spokesperson for the app said Company on request.

Have you been invited to whatsapp in unpleasant groups? Tell us in the comments!

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