When the sculptural Diva WWE Sable met Vince McMahon


Sable's Luchistic career ended in 2004. In fact, that year he finished his second and brief stage in the strings, when he returned after retiring in 1999. He did not have a very long adventure as a fighter, since it began in 1998. Still, also counting his other roles, It became the most popular Diva of its time, getting over Sunny. The relationship between her and WWE was not always the best, because she even sued WWE for $ 110 million for sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. But he returned to the company years later and had more daring roles, like his romance with Torrie Wilson or his romance with Vince McMahon, whom he had previously accused of sexual harassment.

WWE Sable
WWE Sable

And it's still related to the McMahon empire because of his marriage to Brock Lesnar. But she does not go to the events, unlike UFC, where she did appear on camera next to her husband. And it doesn't seem that we will see her again in WWE in the future.

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Now, we go as far back in time as to the nineties, to talk about when Vince McMahon himself met Sable, according to Marc Mero, her first husband.

► When the stunning Diva WWE Sable met Vince McMahon

The former fighter granted an interview to The Steve Austin Show in which he told this:

«When we entered Vince's office he said: ‘I have to put it on television’. And that's how it all began. So she gave us a list of names for her to use and we came up with Sable. And that's how he started his career. Vince said she would be my companion.

We already know how much blondes likes mandamas. But surely at that time it was not expected that Sable would become someone so important. He probably thought he could do it, but what he got exceeded all expectations.

WWE Sable
WWE Sable

As for Mero, he retired from those involved in 2006 and He is currently a motivational speaker.

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