"When you don't play well these things happen" – 11/10/2019


"In general we don't play well and when you don't play well these things happen." Marcelo Gallardo did not walk too many times to explain River's defeat against Rosario Central 1-0 in the Monumental… "We had a nice reason to play this game, on our court and with our people, we played the tip of the championship. And what happened happened: a team that awaits you, goes back, you have to try to wear the rival and that happened in the first half, but at the minute of the second, they made us that goal that gave them a lot of energy to defend and for us it was a blow. That goal hurt us and we had neither freshness nor rebellion to turn history. "

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Asked promptly about whether after the first leg with Boca for the semifinals of the Libertadores the team did not complete a great game, the Doll was clear: "At times we usually have … It is very difficult to sustain and at times we made a difference in certain matches. With Columbus we made a difference, also with Patronato … This time not because we couldn't. I insist: we become strong after moving the rivals and when they start to fall, but here they scored the goal and hit us a lot. And we didn't have many answers. This is going to help us: when we lower the dynamics and intensity a little, we can suffer this kind of matches. "

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The memory team: "We are playing the games that we have to play and facing them with what I think is the best possible team. Time gives us that possibility because they are spaced games without a tight schedule. It allows us to continue filming the team that has been playing."

Small alarm by Enzo Perez: "Nothing happened. He had a movement where he stepped half badly. It was a scare more than anything else".

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Lost points in the Monumental: "What hurts me the most are those points that we lose on our court. Nor is it that we deserved to lose, as for example with Velez. Yes, there with Workshops. And today I said it because we did not make too many merits to reach the goal ".

Rivals who get behind: "We are used to playing this kind of games."

The defined style. "We lost and we don't have to give it a lot of turns. When you play badly, you lose and that's it. But I don't know why you lose … We have a way of playing and we know what we play. Besides, the rivals also play. We have been acting like this for a long time. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, sometimes more effective, sometimes less effective, but from there to ignore us is not even close to us. We are very clear about what we want and what we are. It is a point of attention. tolerate this defeat, which makes us angry, and recover quickly because there are very nice things to play. "

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