Which resorts the Greens dream of


Do the Greens get her? Super resort Climate? Is one really already there Christmas finished with the formation of a government? green and Turquoise are officially silent, wishes and speculation leaked to the end of the soundings.

For the dream of the Greens super-climatic resort would be coarser restructuring necessary. Agriculture and tourism could come from the ministry, which Elisabeth KOstinger (OVP) had united with the environment and sustainability, were dissolved and migrated to the economic department.

Superressort climate

From the Ministry of Infrastructure, the last of FPO man Norbert Hofer was conducted, the traffic area (road and rail) in the Super resort be incorporated. What remained were research and innovation – they are supposed to want that OVP,

As a super climate minister would be Leonore Gewessler, Ex-Global 2000 chief, predestined as a proven subject matter expert – her name is currently being named most often for this office. Rudolf Anschober but could outdo them with his political experience.

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