White Donkeys of the Polytechnic, ONEFA champion; beat White Eagles


IPN White Donkeys were crowned in the ONEFA Major League final by beating Aguilas Blancas 24-17, in the game that went to overtime in the grid of the Stadium of the City of Sports.

In the extra series it was Aaron Garcia who drilled Aguilas defense to set the victory and with the extra point of Francisco Rodriguez the final score was 24-17 in his favor, which won the title at the Jacinto Licea Conference of the Major League of ONEFA.

An intense match was the one that took place this Saturday in the final of the National Student Organization of American Football (ONEFA)

Aguilas Blancas came out willing to take the title and the attempt began well. Emilio Fernandez reached the diagonals and opened the scoring, plus the extra Angel Corona, for 7-0.

However, Donkeys "fell asleep", which took advantage of his rival and after being down on the board he went 10-7.

So they went to rest and back, White Donkeys recovered and began to control the actions. Julio Cesar Castillo found a hole to reach the diagonals and turn the board again, with the extra Alejandro Cornejo, who was 14-10 for the pupils of Agustin Lopez.

Already in the fourth quarter, which was the most intense and dramatic, Carlos Garcia scored a field goal for 17-10.

However, Enrique Zarate's picture tried to wake up and a carry by Emilio Fernandez and Corona's extra matched the board at 17.

Eagles returned to the game and a minute from the endAlejandro Garcia tried to take the game. White Donkeys took hold in defense and forced the extension.

Already in the first offense of overtime, Burros drew a dream move, but at the same time controversial. Marshal Cesar Badillo sent Aaron Garcia, who entered the diagonals for 24-17, with the extra Francisco Rodriguez.

In turn, Aguilas tried to do the same and immediately looked for the diagonals; However, Donkey's defense was well planted on the ground and contained the rival's onslaught.

In the end, Donkeys sealed his triumph and took the Crown after 30 years in which teams of the same institution did not face in a final of the Major League of ONEFA.

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