White Donkeys take the title of ONEFA 2019


He Blue Stadium dressed in long tablecloths, as the representative teams of the National Polytechnic Institute they played, for the first time, after more than 20 years, a final ONEFA.

White Donkeys the meeting started with a kickoff that reached the other side of the field, which, although White Eagles they had possession of the ovoid, they decided to kneel.

The first protagonist of the meeting was Jerome Garcia, that after rescuing the first fumble of the match, in the first five minutes of the duel, the fans of Zacatenco He thanked him with a great "Huelum".

Time ran and once again Donkeys once again dominate the game, since, in the last minutes of the first quarter, Julio Hurtado He put the first score in a spectacular run directed by Alejandro Garcia.

The fans went wild and stood up to encourage their team, because apart from playing once again, an unforgettable Civil war, does the public know that the Polytechnic Party It is not celebrated every year.

He started the second quarter, and the White Eagles they were not left behind since they put the second touch down of the game, headed by Ricardo Anguis.

The marker was even and it was enough to turn around to realize that people did not stop screaming and jumping in their places, because, clearly, they know how to live a Polytechnic Party.

Halfway through the second quarter, the game focused on defense. It seems that the quarterbacks of both teams could not fully handle the pressure of the Blue Stadium.

He finished the first half and the White Eagles They were placed in the lead with a 10-7 marker.

The fans did not rest, once again, and began to dance to the rhythm of the cheerleaders, who took the eyes of all the stands at the halftime show.

Clearly, the White Donkeys They do not want to lose their almost perfect ending, because Alejandro Garcia was determined to win and the passes he sent, starting the third quarter, were safe at the hands of his receivers.

At the beat of the Huelum, the Donkeys They scored their second score, in minute eight, thanks to Gustavo Pecechea. Zacatenco had the lead with a score 14-10

Donkeys added again, because after a kick by Francisco Rodriguez, Zacatenco increased three points in favor.

Also, the White Eagles they did magic: a few minutes after finishing the game, Emilio Fernandez was the runner who saved the team from the Casco de Santo Tomas, matching the board 17-17.

Happy Polytechnic Party! The game of IPN arrived at extra times, where the victory was for Donkeys, thanks to a doubtful score marked by the referees. Zacatenco gave him a terrible defeat at White Eagles on its 50th anniversary.

The hegemony of Pumas CU ended, what does the next ONEFA season hold?

Enrique Graue He will be ready to face a new champion or they will lose once again in the semifinals, as he was in his last year before his re-election.

Definitely, Graue He has a lot of work to do, in favor of institutional football, since, as a favorite team, they cannot afford to lose once again against the polytechnic, an institutional rival.

The current rector of the UNAM You can control an existing team that is controlled by coaches ex-cougars or resigned once again to losing in overtime as it was in the season game at the University Olympic.


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