Who are KSI and Logan Paul, the controversial youtubers boxers?


This Saturday, the most followed boxing evening in the world was not starred by two professional boxers. KSI and Logan Paul, both youtubers, climbed into the ring for the second time in a confrontation that ended with victory of the first to the points, but that also caught the attention because, within what was expected, it did not end up being a bad show.

Both trained for months after in August last year they held a first fight with much less sport in between and more entertainment. On that occasion, the result was an almost marked draw to be able to repeat the appointment.

But where does his confrontation come from? To understand it, you have to know that both are two of the most controversial youtubers on the internet. KSI, 26, is a gamer who was gaining global audience on YouTube, and from there has derived his career towards rap. His tone, based on humor, has also been criticized many times for some comments about women branded as macho.

Paul is even more controversial. At 24, Paul began to become famous in the extinct social network Vine. From there he went to YouTube, where he maintained a certain tone of humor, until he stopped braking. On one occasion he broadcast a video on the platform in which a corpse was filmed in the so-called 'forests of suicides' of Japan. In another of his videos, he electrocuted a dead animal.

His little grace ended up causing the platform to close its channel and its ways to show publicity. Since then, Paul has done to recover his name by focusing more on his content in sports, and of course with events like this, which is estimated to report a millionaire amount to each.

The origin of their confrontation, however, is due to a previous fight that already took place between two other youtubers: Joe Weller and Malfoy. The first won and received a challenge for a new match by KSI, which was celebrated with victory for the new challenger.

Afterwards, KSI himself threw the glove at Paul, who also accepted. The rest, for better or worse, is the story of the world that emerged from YouTube.

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