Who did Sergio Ramos vote in the 10-N elections?


Sergio Ramos He has already voted in the November 10 elections and social networks were responsible for revealing the election of the Real Madrid captain. In an authentic research work whose final decision is a mystery that only Ramos and Pilar Rubio know, Twitter and Instagram users concluded that Sergio had chosen to deliver his vote to the Popular Party.

The final vote is unknown Sergio himself, who was responsible for encouraging citizens to go to the polls in this important 10-N, but in one of his wife's Instagram stories, Pilar Rubio, the soccer player was seen with several ballots in his hands, among them the one of the PP. At that time, the most horny of the networks were responsible for spreading the capture in which Ramos' 'link' with the Popular Party appears, ensuring that the camero had given the vote to the center-right party candidate, Pablo Married.

However, Ramos helped to put more uncertainty around his vote and published a storie in which he appears with his wife and children in the curtain, accompanied by a message in which he says that "the vote is secret." Pilar Rubio shared the same snapshot with the following message as an attachment. "We have taken all the ballots and now we have to put our choice in the envelopes. "

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