Who shows / transfers to FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City live on TV and LIVE STREAM? The broadcast of the Premier League at Sky


Liverpool welcome Manchester City in the Premier League. We'll tell you who is showing / broadcasting the top match live on TV and LIVE-STREAM.

The Premier League Premier League on Matchday 12: Manchester City visit Liverpool FC on Anfield. The game takes place on Sunday evening at 17.30 instead of.

Who will win the English championship? Also this year the title seems to go only through Liverpool FC and Manchester City. Currently, the Reds in the Premier League table are six points clear of ManCity. But Liverpool is warned: Also in the last year the Skyblues caught up with a big backlog and finally became champions.

Liverpool have not lost any matches in the league this season. Most recently, the team of coach Jurgen Klopp managed a 2-1 victory at Aston Villa (to match report). The Citizens, however, have already suffered two defeats. The team of Pep Guardiola was also able to win in the last game day with 2: 1 at Southampton (to match report).

Liverpool vs. FC Liverpool. Manchester City: We reveal in this article, who on Sunday evening the top game of the Premier League live on TV and in LIVE STREAM shows / transmits.

Who shows / transfers to FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City? The transmission of the Premier League at a glance



… TVSky
… LIVE STREAMSky Go / Sky ticket

Who shows / transfers to FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City live on TV today?

It is the absolute top game of the Premier League! When Liverpool meet Manchester City, tension is programmed. But where can you see the top game live on TV on Sunday night? Is that only possible in pay-TV? Or runs LFC vs.. ManCity maybe even on free TV? We tell you in this section all the information about the TV broadcast.

Sky shows / transfers FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City live on pay-TV

Do you want to experience the top match of the Premier League live on Sunday? Then off to Sky! The payee has secured the broadcasting rights for the English Football House of Lords. Sky is the only German channel to show selected matches of the Premier League live on TV – as well as the duel between Liverpool and ManCity.

Only on Sky do you see FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City live and full length on TV – but only on pay TV. The use of the pay-TV is – as the name already suggests – not free ,

To watch the Premier League live, you will need a paid Sky subscription. More information on this as well as current offers, prices and packages can be found on the Sky website.

Liverpool vs. FC Liverpool. Manchester City live on TV – and only on Sky! Here is all the information about the transmission of the Premier League:

Manchester City Liverpool Community Shield 2019

Who shows / transmits the Premier League? Runs Liverpool vs. FC. Manchester City live on Free TV today?

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you. Sky Sunday night is your only chance to experience the Premier League live and in full length on TV. Accordingly, will Liverpool vs. FC Liverpool. Manchester City does not live on Free TV shown.

Why not? No German broadcaster, which is freely receivable, has the broadcasting rights of the Premier League – neither ARD and ZDF nor RTL, Eurosport, Sport1 and Co.

Who shows / transfers to FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City in the LIVE STREAM?

Exactly two options are available on Sunday evening, if you want to experience the Premier League top match live and in full length in the stream. Also in terms of LIVE STREAM you are with Sky spot on. The pay station offers the same Two LIVE STREAMS vs. Liverpool FC vs. Manchester City at. With us you get all the information.

Sky Go vs. FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City today in LIVE STREAM

Sunday evening, 5.30 pm: If you want to see the Premier League's top match live – whether on TV or LIVE STREAM – then Sky is your first port of call.

The pay station transfers Liverpool vs. FC Liverpool. Full length Manchester City in LIVE STREAM at Sky Go. This is the online service of the payee. But also the use of the streaming platform is not free and requires a paid Sky subscription.

Requirement fulfilled? Then you can do that LIVE-STREAM to the top game of the Premier League at Sky Go enjoy. Here you will find the free Sky-Go app for the devices of your choice:

Sky Ticket vs. FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City in the LIVE STREAM

Not interested in a long-term Sky subscription? You really want to see the top game of the Premier League? Then the pay station has exactly the right offer for you: Sky ticket!

With Sky Ticket you save long-term contracts and can use Sky for a shorter period of time. And the best: Sky Ticket vs. FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City full length in the LIVE STREAM.

If you want to experience the Premier League with Sky Ticket, you need it Sport package , With this you can watch both the top match between Liverpool and ManCity as well as the Bundesliga, the DFB Cup, the Champions League and other live sports events.

The sports package at Sky Ticket:

  • monthly subscription: 9.99 euros in the first month / after 29.99 euros per month / at any time monthly cancellable.
  • daily subscription: once 9.99 euros / applies for 24 hours

Jurgen Klopp Pep Guardiola Liverpool Man City

Shows / transmits DAZN FC Liverpool Vs. Manchester City today at LIVE STREAM?

Bad news for all DAZN subscribers! Until this summer, you were used to watching the Premier League live on DAZN. But the broadcasting rights of the English league are no longer in the possession of the streaming service since this season. The Premier League is unfortunately Not more live on DAZN shown – so not Liverpool vs. FC. Manchester City.

FA Cup, League Cup and Co .: Watch English football live on DAZN – Get your free month now!

Although DAZN has lost the broadcasting rights to the Premier League, but the streaming service continues to offer English football. Including the FA Cup and the League Cup and numerous games of the lower English leagues.

In addition, as usual, you will see all the other top leagues in Europe – Bundesliga, Serie A, LaLiga, Ligue 1 – as well as the Champions League and Europa League in the LIVE-STREAM at DAZN. And even four weeks for free! How does it work? Just save a free trial month at DAZN!

You can find the free DAZN app here:

Do you have any questions about DAZN?

Liverpool vs. FC Liverpool. Manchester City: Record in the Premier League

FC LIVERPOOL 162 duels in the Premier League MANCHESTER CITY
78victories 43
41Tie 41
43Losses 78
286Gates 222

Liverpool vs. FC Liverpool. Manchester City: The top game of the Premier League at a glance

Liverpool vs. FC Liverpool. Manchester City live: These are the facts before the match today

  • Liverpool lost just 1 of the last 28 Premier League home games against Manchester City (1-2 in May 2003) and none of the last 16 (11 wins, 5 draws).
  • Manchester City lost only 1 of the last 5 league games against Liverpool (2 wins, 2 draws) – the 4 league ahead of them all still had the Reds won.
  • Manchester City have not won any of Liverpool's last 16 Premier League appearances, and no other team has been without the Citizens in the Premier League for so long.
  • Liverpool defeated the reigning champions in the Premier League more than any other team (21 goals) and lost none of 11 league home games against a reigning champion since 0-1 against Manchester United in December 2007 (6 wins, 5 draws).
  • For the 35th time in the Premier League a league leader meets a reigning champion, while the balance is balanced (9 wins in 16 draws). The last duel of this kind came in January 2019, when Manchester City beat Liverpool 2-1 at home.
  • The 1-2 at Manchester City in January was Liverpool's only defeat in the last 50 Premier League games (41 wins, 8 draws). The Reds have been unbeaten in 28 PL matches, the 8th in the Premier League.
  • Liverpool took in this Premier League season already 10 points behind deficit – league maximum. The Reds won their last two games despite 0-1 residue, but they have never succeeded in 3 PL games in a row.
  • Manchester City won 11 of their last 12 Premier League appearances except for the 2-3 in Norwich. It hit the Citizens a total of 30 times, a cut of 2.5 goals per away game.
  • Manchester remained scoreless under Pep Guardiola in only 6 of 62 Premier League appearances. 3 of these guest appearances were in Liverpool (2 at the Reds, 1 at Everton), the other 3 in London (at Tottenham, Crystal Palace and Chelsea).
  • Liverpool have been unbeaten in 45 home league games (the second-longest home game in Premier League history), but have conceded a goal in their last 5 home games – a longer series without a white vest at home has been between April and October 2014 (7th to 7th) games).
  • Manchester City's Pep Guardiola lost in his coaching career more games against Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp (7) than against any other coach.
  • Manchester City's Sergio Aguero played as many games as Liverpool's Anfield Road (7) in any other Premier League stadium without hitting. In these 7 games the Argentinian made 10 shots, only 2 of them came on the box.
  • Liverpool's Roberto Firmino was directly involved in 8 Premier League games against Manchester City on 7 goals (4 goals, 3 assists), scoring one goal in each of these 8 duels and putting one on.
  • Manchester City's Sergio Aguero struck 49 times in 79 Premier League games on Sundays and could now be the second player to break the 50-goal mark this weekday (Wayne Rooney scored 63 goals in 142 Sunday games).

Liverpool vs. FC Liverpool. Manchester City live – the preliminary report to the match today: Klopp declared psycho games over

Jurgen Klopp vs. Pep Guardiola, Liverpool vs. Manchester City: Before the hotly anticipated top match of the English Premier League, once again the two star team managers are in the spotlight.

The taunts and psycho games of the past days were tired of Jurgen Klopp. So much so that the team manager of Liverpool before the highly anticipated duel with Manchester City only praises came to his biggest opponent on the lips. "I could not have more respect for Pep Guardiola, it's still great for me to be his challenger," Klopp told Sky Sport ahead of Sunday's Premier League Premier League game (17.30 / Sky).

The public squabble of the two star coaches seemed to be lost – also because Klopp was conspicuously placating: "Yeah, I said what I said, but only because I did not want to leave that completely uncommented, I'm not into that kind of stuff There's plenty to write before the game if you're just looking at pure football. "

Liverpool: Klopp does not want to talk about Manchester City's tactical fouls

And yet, everything speaks only about him and Guardiola, because just the latter Klopps striker Sadio Mane had called after the previous league match day as an occasional Swallow King. The German found this "not nice" and ironically promised not to talk about "tactical fouls" for which City is notorious.

"If I could do that again, I would not say it again, it just is not necessary," Klopp said. He even showed a little understanding for Guardiola's statement. The Spaniard had made this after Mane had dropped in the penalty area on Saturday at Aston Villa (2: 1) and saw the yellow card for it.

"We are asked again and again and sometimes we say what we have in mind right now, without thinking of anything else, not thinking that we are in the public and there are cameras," said Klopp. By now Guardiola had already rowed back. "Jurgen said that he knows Sadio better than me," he said: "And I have an incredible respect, I hope I can clarify everything with Jurgen."

Manchester City have to renounce FC Liverpool on Ederson

Best of all, this will be on the field on Sunday at Anfield, where league leaders Liverpool, who have not lost any of their league games this season and have won all home games, will likely be favorites. For the second-placed Citizens have already twice bitten twice (2: 3 at Norwich City, 0: 2 against the Wolverhampton Wanderers) and must renounce their goalkeeper Ederson (muscular problems).

With a six-point advantage, defeating Guardiola for Klopp on his championship mission would be a huge step, but not a must. "For me it's a game that I want to win 100 percent, 100 percent with everything I've got, I've never understood the word 'must-win' because that does not change the chances," says Klopp. And every Sunday at the latest, every word is too much anyway.

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