Why airplanes cannot fly over Lionel Messi's house


10 November, 2019 8:43

The Lionel Messi area of ​​residence has a restriction on air traffic and the reason is not what everyone thinks. We explain why.

messi house

Lionel Messi, As an international soccer star, you could have quirks or eccentric requests in your daily life. But "the flea" has a low profile, is usually very measured and lead a quiet family life without personal scandals.

However, there is a particularity that draws attention to his place of residence: a restriction on air traffic over his home is in force. And although it could be assumed that it is some special request of the golden spoils, the cause of this prohibition has nothing to do with its will or its desires.

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The president of the Spanish airline Vueling, Javier Sanchez-Prieto, explained it last year during a press conference. The journalism consultation had to do with the possibility of an extension of the runways of the El Prat airport, to which the official responded with a resounding refusal.

“You can't ignore where he lives Messi ”, He said, and added: "This does not happen anywhere else in the world". Expressed in this way, it can be assumed that the soccer player's home prevents development, but there is another reason in reality, which has nothing to do with the reputation of Lionel Messi

messi house

There is a law that prevents airplanes from passing through the area of ​​residence of Lionel Messi, but it is due to environmental protection factors. The place where Messi He has his residence is Gava, on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​about 25 kilometers. This area is considered "aerial exclusion", to preserve wildlife: the flora and fauna of the place has a law that protects them especially.

The environmental restriction prevents airplanes from passing over the home of Messi, which is in the middle of the air exclusion zone, which is about 10 kilometers along the coast from El Prat, the main airport of Barcelona.

Other world famous areas where flight restrictions govern are, for example, Machu Picchu, in Peru, where the “World Heritage Site” or the surrounding wildlife is avoided.
Also the area of ​​Tibet, but in this case the prohibition of air traffic has to do with the safety of passengers.

Another place without permission to fly over is Windsor Castle, a fortress built during the 11th century, because it has the status of a national treasure.

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