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10:28 AM

Franco Armani will call attention immediately. When focused on Fox Sports Premium television cameras after 11, the scheduled time for the start of the game against Rosario Central, the goalkeeper will show a black eye.

What happened to River's number 1? As a result of a blow during Friday morning practice at the Ezeiza site, it was marked in the right eye area.

The action that produced that blow to the 'Octopus' was a knee with no intention of Ignacio Fernandez. That is why he immediately received medical attention to rule out a major problem.

It's not about anything serious. That is why Armani will be among the initial eleven of the Millionaire against Canalla in the commitment corresponding to the thirteenth date of the Argentine Super League.

The training confirmed? 1-Armani; 29-Gonzalo Montiel, 28-Lucas Martinez Quarta, 22-Javier Pinola (captain), 20-Milton Casco; 24-Enzo Perez; 26-Ignacio Fernandez, 15-Exequiel Palacios, 11-Nicolas De La Cruz; 19-Rafael Borre and 7-Matias Suarez.

The substitute bank will be formed as follows: 25-Enrique Bologna, 6-Paulo Diaz, 23-Leonardo Ponzio, 8-Jorge Carrascal, 10-Juan Fernando Quintero, 27-Lucas Pratto and 32-Ignacio Scocco.

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