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League of Legends had the grand finale of Worlds 2019, he LoL World Championship that was held in Paris. Before the games that defined the champion of this electronic sport, Riot Games Y Mastercard They gave a great opening show, with the participation of different artists under the name of “True damage"

As it happened last year, the video game company used certain characters from its flagship title to create a fictional group of singers made up of Ekko, Qiyana, Senna, Ysauo and Akali, who had previously been part of the group KDA.

Among the artists that gave it life were Keke Palmer, SOYEON of (G) I-DLE, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose Y Becky G. The latter was a total surprise to everyone, since she has never admitted to being a big fan of video games.

Why did you participate then in the grouping “True damage"? In an interview he gave to Millennium, although he did not answer this question directly, if he gave his opinion of his participation, since he has become the first artist with Latin influence who participated in a ceremony of organizing a League of Legends World Championship.

“The world of video games is a totally different world for me as an artist, but obviously this event is very big and we have worked hard on this project, so I feel very proud to be part of League of Legends”commented Becky G at the interview.

In addition, the artist adds that the production process of this group has been very different from how she recorded, for example, her first album. While in the first one there was very little time to do many songs, along with Riot Games Numerous recordings were made for a single song, claiming that the artists visited the studio for weeks and even months.

“I am very excited to be part of this event… For us Latinos, collaborations are the best, and I think that bringing something of this style to League of Legends is‘ pretty cool ’”admitted Becky G when he was consulted the most exciting of his presentation in the Worlds 2019.

While it is true that urban music has been removed from the world of video games because many people considered it incompatible, with the exception of certain titles such as the franchise of Grand Theft Auto, Riot Games He showed that this combination of Latin American pop, rap and urban rhythms could have a positive response from fans, something they demonstrated on Sunday at the opening ceremony.

To end the interview, although Becky G he doesn't know much about the world of video game, she admits that she is excited to offer her participation in the universe of League of Legends and be part of a movement that is growing every day.

At the moment it is not known if these artists will do some other collaboration in the future like “True damage”, But the participation of Becky G open the doors of Riot Games to continue exploring more in Latin American territory to carry out new projects in the future in its esport.

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