Why Meghan Markle had to stand on another balcony


It's been months since Meghan Markle was seen with the royal family. How will Remembrance Day expire this year? Will she have to be on another balcony and not Kate Middleton & Co?

The Remembrance Day is slowly approaching and so all eyes are directed towards the UK. Better to say: towards Buckingham Palace. Because on this special day, the royal family will perform together again. Why fans eagerly await this moment? Because it will be the first official appearance of the entire family since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spoke in an interview about tensions with Prince William. It's been months since Meghan was seen publicly with her brother-in-law or other family members. Whether we face another scandal this year?

No room for Meghan Markle

Last year, the Remembrance Day made for conversation, because Meghan Markle not on the same balcony as Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Meghan Markle stood on another balcony at the side of Elke Budenbender, the wife of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. There was a quick speculation that Prince Harry's wife had been deferred, if not humiliated, by this gesture. As "Express.co.uk" reports, Royal experts and reporters see it differently: The balconies are just too small! Nonetheless, the royal protocols would also have a role to play in the order, which is why Meghan often stood behind Kate and William – when she was on a balcony with the rest of the royals.

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