Wild aggression of Banfield fans to a family of Lanus


A family in Lanus lived a nightmare yesterday afternoon when they were intercepted by a group of Banfield fans, a while after the South classic that was played yesterday in the Fortress.

The vehicle, in which a couple with their daughters was traveling, was driving around the corner of Maipu and Alsina when he was savagely attacked by Drill fans, who had called themselves to celebrate the victory. They hit the driver, smashed the car and even stole the garnet t-shirts of the little girls, and then burned them. Crazy.

"They broke my whole car when we returned quietly from the court, without quilombo, as a family and with my daughters inside. Lanus's shirts were stolen and my husband's face was broken. I broke my ortho so I could have my first car for ten gorillas to come and make it a ball”, Wrote the woman of the main victim in social networks.

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