Will the NFL return to Germany? Munich should apply!


Munich – Will the National Football League (NFL) come to Germany? The Munich City Council Andre Wachter has made a request.
Run play soon in Bavaria? Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (r.) Of the San Francisco 49ers passes the football to Matt Breida. (Archive)

Run play soon in Bavaria? Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (r.) Of the San Francisco 49ers passes the football to Matt Breida. (Archive)

His letter is addressed to the Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter. Munich should already apply to the NFL for the upcoming or alternatively the next season as the venue of the season games.

As part of the "NFL International Series" plays the league every year several European season matches – but always in London. That should now change according to Wachter's will.

The reason for this is based on a statement by NFL Vice President Chris Halpin that "Germany is the market that would rank second to England for the NFL."

In addition, the "sports city of Munich" with the Munich Cowboys have a long tradition in American football.

Due to the upcoming refurbishment of the Olympic Stadium, until 2026 – as he writes on Twitter – currently only the Allianz Arena would be considered as a venue.

So far, as an NFL fan, it has only been five times in the history of the league to enjoy cheering on the NFL stars live in German stadiums.

Look to Germany?

Look to Germany? "Madden NFL 20" title-man Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) could soon pass in Germany. (Archive)

In the course of the "American Bowls", which had always taken place before the actual season between 1986 and 2005 outside the US as a promotional tour, there were five games in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Since then, only the Londoners had the chance to see matches in the stadium as part of the "NFL International Series" in Europe, although the interest has been increasing for years, especially in Germany.

Last but not least, the ProSieben-Maxx program "ranFootball", which brought the station the highest share of its history at the start of the season (TAG24 reported) made a major contribution to this.

In the meantime, the main channel ProSieben is also making use of this growing enthusiasm and has meanwhile recorded seasonal games in the main program.

The playoffs and the Superbowl, the largest single sport event in the world, have been anchored in ProSiebenSat1's schedule for years. Moderator at ranFootball, or ranNFL, Patrick "Coach" Esume said a few weeks ago regarding the rising popularity of the sport in conversation with TAG24: "I would not be surprised if football would eventually run at the big channels, not only from the playoffs. "

The support from the fan community in Germany should surely have applicant Andre Wachter. But now it is time to put the application on the agenda and wait for the feasibility calculations. And finally, the NFL must be convinced of the idea.

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